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Christian Liberty Academy
of Paramaribo 

Christian Liberty Academy, which includes all grades from kindergarten through grade 12, has become an institution in Suriname. It is the largest English-language school (250+ students) in this Dutch-speaking country, and the only one which uses a Christ-centered, biblical curriculum. Its students come from around the world as many embassies and internationals enroll their children. Those who transfer to other schools and colleges often receive scholarships, generally outperforming their peers when placed in schools in the U.S. and Canada. Some parents have even sent children back to Suriname from abroad due to the better quality of education received. We continue to hear from graduates who, through their studies at CLA, have become believers and are diligently seeking to live a Christian life in various studies and jobs.

As much as possible, the school employs local teachers who generally are taught pedagogic skills by the school. Since 1983, it has been self-supporting in its internal finances, even paying back money borrowed from abroad to purchase an adjacent piece of property and to build seven additional classrooms. It is gradually becoming a model for the concept that God will enable Christian ministries on the mission field to break the tradition of financial dependency upon their foreign founders. (One recent exception to its financial self-support rule came about because of a major fire in March, 2003, which has required the school to seek outside assistance in the rebuilding of its main administrative, residence, church and chapel building. For more information in [pdf], click here.)


Christian Liberty Academy
Invites Interested People
to Help in Education

We are unable to find sufficient number of suitable local people, especially for teaching High School courses. Therefore, each year, we need help to cover this shortage of personnel. While we are able to adapt to particular abilities and interests, we regularly look for help in these areas:

  • The most urgent is for help in Senior High school higher maths and sciences.

  • Help in High School English, grades 9 to 12.

  • Help in Junior High; various subjects (science, English, theology, math).

  • Help in the library and assisting Kindergarten and Elementary teachers.

Interested individuals should plan for a minimum of one year of service, and need to contact RCM well in advance of the new school year, which begins in August. For more information on this need, click here. To download a bulletin for advertising this need in your church and/or school or to pass on to an interested friend, click here [pdf].

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