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Pictorial Reports on Suriname


Tour of Christian Liberty Academy: Christian Liberty Academy is the Christian elementary and secondary school founded and operated by Reformation Christian Ministries in Suriname. 


Fire and Rebuilding Reports from 2003-2005.  A tragic fire struck the Christian Liberty Academy main building in March, 2003.  This is a picture report of the rebuilding and how the school coped with the process during this two year process and God's amazing grace throughout.


The work of the Lord in the Gomes Family over 27 years.  The children of John and Jocelyn Gomes began school at Christian Liberty Academy in Suriname in 1982.  This led to some of the children attending church and eventually becoming members of the First Presbyterian Church and eventually joining the staff of Christian Liberty Academy, one as a teacher and the other as a librarian.  Finally, after many years, their father and mother began attending church and became members in March, 2009.  Now their other child and all grandchildren are attending the church.  God's providence and grace, many prayers and the witness through their daughters, the school and the church have finally brought unity to much of this family in the Lord.  See this picture report of this process.


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