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College & Theological Seminary Education: Suriname is one of several places where we are in the process of establishing college and seminary "education by extension."  In 1994, this type of education was formally initiated and affiliated with Reformation International College and Reformation International Theological Seminary. Since many students desire to leave Suriname for "bigger" countries, only a few students have taken advantage of this at present, but we are hopeful that this will change in the future.

Our prayerful goal is to train young men and women in all walks of life to embrace a biblical world-and-life view that will impact their society and bring about true reformation in Suriname. Additionally, we envision that the college program will be useful in training Christian CLA graduates for teaching at CLA.

To that end we are specifically looking to develop a Bachelor of Education program as a means of further training our school teachers to prepare them both for teaching locally as well as providing this service for other fields who may send their teaching students to Suriname to work in CLA while taking their courses. We see this as an opportunity to develop both Christian schooling in Suriname and abroad as well as an opportunity to assist in some of the needs for Suriname's school. Pray that we may have time and resources to establish the Education program for training people to teach.

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