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The Fire 15: The Finished Project


MENU: Suriname Fire and Rebuilding Report

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1. The Fire: Before and After March 2003 

2. Cleanup and Rebuilding April-May 2003 

3. New School Year Preps June-July 2003 

4. Rebuilding Begins
July-August 2003 

5. The Walls Go Up September-November 2003 

 6. First Floor Shell November-December 2003 

7. Interior Work First Floor January-April 2004 

8. School Construction
January-April 2004 

9. The Second Story
May-August 2004 

10. Fine-Tuning First Floor September-October 2004 

11. Second Story
September-January 2005 

12. Panorama Comparisons

January 2005

13. More School Scenes March 2005 

14. Final, Graduation
2005 April-August 2005 

15. The Finished Project September 2005 








School began in August 2005



Students in front of main building on the first day of school.


Main building




Main building from different angle.


To the left of the main building, students can be seen going to the secondary level classes which are housed to the left as well as in the main building.


Main building seen from sidestreet that divides our campus. Second story houses several classrooms, Rev. Poettcker's office, and the residence for both the Poettckers, Fareza Kahn, and foreign teachers and assistants.


Side street (Loorweg) that divides our two campus properties.


Another view from side street.


View from other campus property. Path in the foreground is a jogging trail around that campus.


Side and back of building rebuilt. Balcony is for residence where the Poettcker's live.


Angie, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, helps out a local teacher in one of the elementary school classes.


Katrina, also from Thunder Bay, Ontario, helps out in another elementary school classroom.


Hannah, from Kingsport, Tennessee, is teaching 6th grade.


Cars picking up students students after school. Picture taken from the balcony of the new building looking across the small street (Loorweg) that divides the school two properties.


Summer Project to extend Rev. Hamid's house.


Rev. Hamid is a graduate of CLA and has worked up through the ranks to become Administrator of the school. The school provides him a house on the school compound. To the right of his house can be seen the secondary school building. The front of his house is facing the side of the new school building.


Immediately behind his house are additional classrooms which extend the entire back of the home. The addition is that portion that is above the car parked. This enabled him to have gain an extra bedroom as well as an office. He continues his theological studies as a RITS student. New school building can be seen to the left of his house in the distance across a small road called Loorweg.



School rooms are both beneath and to the back of his home.




There are still a few more details

As mentioned in the opening page, there are still some debts to be paid off (see main page). Additionally, there are a number of projects left around the school, one of which is the need to replace the fence around the property. In order to accomplish this, the school enlisted the help of the students to have a car wash to help raise the funds necessary to replace the fence. This is but one example of how the principle of self-support is again back in play after the help provided to get over the major hurdle of rebuilding after the fire.

Christian Liberty Academy, Paramaribo, Suriname
Car Wash, September 30, 2005
Project aimed at raising funds to rebuild fence around school.

This is the last page of the report on the two and one-half year rebuilding project which began immediately after the fire in March 2003 and was largely completed by September 2005. We will be placing some pictures of the inside of the building in the near future as they come to us. There is still work to be done, but not on a major scale at this point. Pray with us for the total elimination of the school's debt so that it may again be back to being a totally self-supporting school. You can see the details of that on the first page by clicking below "Return to main page."

Pray also that God will continue to use the school to bring the Gospel to hundreds of children each year, most of whom are either nominal Christians or non-Christians.


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