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The Fire 13: More School Scenes


MENU: Suriname Fire and Rebuilding Report

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1. The Fire: Before and After March 2003 

2. Cleanup and Rebuilding April-May 2003 

3. New School Year Preps June-July 2003 

4. Rebuilding Begins
July-August 2003 

5. The Walls Go Up September-November 2003 

 6. First Floor Shell November-December 2003 

7. Interior Work First Floor January-April 2004 

8. School Construction
January-April 2004 

9. The Second Story
May-August 2004 

10. Fine-Tuning First Floor September-October 2004 

11. Second Story
September-January 2005 

12. Panorama Comparisons

January 2005

13. More School Scenes March 2005 

14. Final, Graduation
2005 April-August 2005 

15. The Finished Project September 2005 




The new gazebo is put to good use while waiting for their parents or busses to come after school. Elementary school can be seen in the background.


Students and teachers gathered for graduation, June 2004

Students and teachers gathered for graduation, June 2004

Students are here seen taking the first semester exams at the end of the first 2004 semester. Teachers in back monitor to discourage cheating.


More first semester exams.

Mr. Hassen proctoring tests.

Rev. Poettcker proctoring tests.

More students taking tests. To the right you can see the spectrum of students: some working hard and others hardly working.

Miss Kahn helping a student after class.

 Mrs. Rajkumar helping a student in class.

Miss Fareza Kahn oversees her 4th grade class while students are doing class work.

4th grade students take a class break to celebrate a birthday for one of the students, with some extra treats brought in by the parents.

A potpourri of students.

We even have time to get back to a few of the lighter moments, as in this Christmas Eve school event.

As more information becomes available in the months ahead, we will keep you posted. Please continue to pray for the school, for the Hamids and Poettckers as they lead in both the church and school. Pray especially for the financial situation, that God will enable us to see this project through to completion in the near future.

This is the last page at this moment on the fire rebuilding process. Please move on to some of our photos of returning students and teachers in action


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