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The Fire 3: New School Year Preps


MENU: Suriname Fire and Rebuilding Report

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1. The Fire: Before and After March 2003 

2. Cleanup and Rebuilding April-May 2003 

3. New School Year Preps June-July 2003 

4. Rebuilding Begins
July-August 2003 

5. The Walls Go Up September-November 2003 

 6. First Floor Shell November-December 2003 

7. Interior Work First Floor January-April 2004 

8. School Construction
January-April 2004 

9. The Second Story
May-August 2004 

10. Fine-Tuning First Floor September-October 2004 

11. Second Story
September-January 2005 

12. Panorama Comparisons

January 2005

13. More School Scenes March 2005 

14. Final, Graduation
2005 April-August 2005 

15. The Finished Project September 2005 


IN THE MEAN TIME: Books and equipment were ordered and shipped to Suriname. The entire school library was destroyed along with all the stocked books and most high school student books that had been left in the school Also destroyed were all the church Bibles, hymnals, and psalters. These were promptly reordered. Because of the inability of Rudy Poettcker to come to the U.S. (his visa and passport having been burned in the fire, whereas his wife's was not, and he was still waiting for an approval by waiver to his immigration problems from February 2000), Sharilyn had to come alone. She, David Card, and Nancy Donnan diligently worked at getting the books and invoices ready for a major shipment to Suriname.


JUNE, 2003, JULY, 2003

Shipment arrives a few weeks later and takes several weeks to clear through customs, but finally arrives 6 weeks later at the school in Suriname.

David Card from HQ and Sharilyn Poettcker from Suriname prepare book and equipment shipment to Suriname in May, so school can continue in August.


Additionally, three young people from the U.S., Canada, and Australia volunteered their services for the upcoming year. Two of them returned from the previous year and one was added for the year but did not stay. Since the school provides residence facilities for the volunteers who are single (part of the purpose of the new building), they all moved in with the Poettckers. Living conditions became something of a challenge needless to say.




Jonathan Van Dyken arrived in August, 2004 for his third time in Suriname and this time, perhaps permanently. He comes from Canada and the Orthodox Christian Reformed Church. After his first and second times in Suriname, he secured a teaching degree and feels far more prepared than previously. However, with his previous experience, he gained the assurance of his calling to the field of teaching and particularly in Suriname.

Harry Lewis is a high school graduate student of home-schooling parents who is from Plantation, Florida and a member of the Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Hialeah, Florida. He has assisted the school in various capacities since coming first in 2001 and is now teaching and taking teacher training.



If you or anyone you know would be interested in assisting in Suriname in the next or subsequent school years, please click here for further information and applications.

To continue, click here to go to the next stage of the building process. While you are waiting for the new page, please pray for God to provide the finances needed to complete the rebuilding process.


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