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George H. Schweitzer’s View 

This citation from a speech at Furman University illustrates the stand of many (perhaps a majority of) Christians today.  It is interesting to compare the point of view expressed here with that of de Chardin in the preceding citation.

 The Creation/Evolution Controversy

(speech delivered at Furman University, Greenville, SC 3/18/1981) 
by George H. Schweitzer 

Not too long ago there was a new scientific idea that was introduced by several learned scientific investigators. And when many of the theologians of the day heard it they became very disturbed. They began to rail at it and they began to stir the people up. They told them, 'If you believe in this new scientific idea it's going to destroy all your faith and it's going to wreck morality in this country.' They also said, 'These fools want to reverse all true science...Their idea is based on fallible phenomena and supported by utterly ridiculous presumptions...These men have no decency and no honesty, they are infidels and atheists. Instead of their wild idea, we should listen to God...Their new idea conflicts with the 9th chapter of Job, it denies the 10th chapter of Joshua, it denies the 1st chapter of Ecclesiastes, and it is against the 19th Psalm.' Because of this new scientific idea the religious authorities vilified these men, forbade their books to be published, threw them in prison, argued against them with various 'counter hypotheses' like 'philosophic logic,' and 'energy transfer,' and numerous quotes from the Bible. The leaders with their flaming language made hostile accusations and said to the people, 'Don't you dare believe these impudent fools, because if you do, the divine wrath of a violent God will visit our nation...and all who follow these men in their heretical belief will suffer eternal damnation.'

Now, would you like to hear what the scientific idea was? It was the idea that the earth moves around the sun. How many of you believe that today? I daresay you all believe that today. Does it bother your faith? Of course not. Does it deny the 9th chapter of Job? You don't even know! Has it put your eternal salvation in jeopardy? Goodness sakes, no.

I'm glad I wasn't part of that, aren't you? I'm glad I didn't say and do such things in the name of God and the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ, condemning the idea that the earth moves around the sun. What I'm saying to you is, let's not make the same mistake today concerning another new scientific idea -- the theory of evolution.

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