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Origin of the Species

Darwin's Origin of Species


The impact which Darwin's "Origin" has had on world history is hard to overemphasize. Carl Marx acknowledged it as the basis for his "Scientific Socialism", more commonly known as "Communism". It has been a major force in changing western society from being nominally "Christian" to "Secular". It was a major factor in shaping the policies of Nazi Germany. It has been a major factor in the acceptance of abortion where it was previously acknowledged to be murder. It has influenced the law and accepted views on criminality and punishment. It has changed the world view of western civilization from one of responsibility to the creator to one of complete purposelessness. It has led to the idea of right and wrong being arbitrary and subject to majority vote rather than being absolutes.

In view of its enormous influence it should be examined to see how strong is its case. Darwin was  skilful in articulating his arguments, but how well do they stand up to close inspection?

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