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Origin of the Species

The Mystery of Life's Origin:

Reassessing Current Theories

by Charles B. Thaxton,  Walter L. Bradley, Roger L. Olsen

The chapters dealing with thermodynamics are reproduced here. It is clear that the problems that the theory of evolution faces are severe (when any meaningful definition is involved). The oft repeated cry that the only people who do not accept evolution as a fact are ignorant, and have contributed nothing to the journals of science is also seen to be untrue. All three of the authors have doctorates in relevant fields of science and have published many papers. The Contents page shows that all the chapters cover important and relevant topics. This is an important and valuable book.


Foreword, V
Preface, ix
Chapter 1 Crisis in the Chemistry of Origins, page1
Chapter 2 The Theory of Biochemical Evolution, p11
Chapter 3 Simulation of Prebiotic Monomer Synthesis, p18
Chapter 4 The Myth of the Prebiotic Soup, p42
Chapter 5 Reassessing the Early Earth and its Atmosphere, p69
Chapter 6 Plausibility and Investigator Interference, p99

Chapter 7 Thermodynamics of Living Systems, p113

Chapter 8 Thermodynamics and the Origin of life, p127

Chapter 9 Specifying How Work is to be Done, p144

Chapter 10 Protocells, p167
Chapter 11 Summary and Conclusion, p182
Epilogue, p188
Appendix, p218
Selected Readings, p220
Index, p221

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