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Scripture and Science of the Heart
(including the Mind, and Bowels/Gut)

For centuries, the heart has been considered the source of emotion, courage and wisdom.  Of course, a major question is how much of what is spoken of as related to the "heart" actually resides in the physical heart, actually relates to it or is merely symbolic.  Furthermore, what relationship is there between the physical and non-physical or "spiritual" heart.  The Scriptures relate the source of such things not only to the heart, but also mind and gut (bowels).  A great deal of scientific study has been accumulating especially as it relates to the physical heart, much of which is not rooted in a scriptural understanding.  Some of it is seeking to delve into the spiritual realms viewing man's created spirit as a form of energy which can ultimately be measured scientifically.  To our knowledge, little exists in recent Christian writing that analyzes this developing "science" in relation to Scripture.  The goal of this topic is to attract articles that present a biblical perspective to these topics and seek to analyze the on-going scientific studies and findings in light of Scripture as an aid to Christians who are confused by the presentations of science built upon non-Scriptural presuppositions.   Submissions on this topic are welcomed.  They will be analyzed by our oversight committee, and if approved, will be placed in this topic area for broader consideration.  Some materials will begin being posted as they are deemed relevant to the topic on which comment and critique will be welcomed as set forth in the introduction. 

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