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Russia Overview

Flag of RussiaConsidered a superpower at one time, and certainly a country of significant influence, Russia is an important center for influence in Europe and Asia, even around the world.  With the downfall of communism, and its replacement by a more docile form of socialism, Russia has opened its doors to the influence of the Gospel for a while.   How long this will last remains to be seen. 

However, tensions are great for a multitude of reasons in this giant land.  Adding to its problems are the vast number of Christian “missionaries” of all varieties, most promoting Arminian theologies with an emphasis on decisions.  While God is clearly working in the midst of this chaos; nevertheless, the Russian Orthodox Church has used the ensuing shallowness to seek restrictions on “outsiders,” resulting in a new law in 1997, which has seriously restricted certain religious activities.  They have been emboldened to ask for this due to the return of many from the “evangelical” ranks, back to Russian Orthodoxy, and the many complaints about the tactics of itinerant foreign missionaries. 

One of the primary efforts at ministry in Russia at present is RCM's setting up a Russian language website, which is slotted for public debut sometime early 2009.   In addition to this, RCM's director has a seat on the board of the Slavic Gospel Society which operates a Reformed Seminary in St. Petersburg.

Below is information on RCM's colleagues in Russia who we pray for and seek to assist with various projects, especially those educational in nature. 


Union of Evangelical

Reformed Churches of Russia


Tver Congregation

Pastor Eugene KashirskyPastor Eugene Kashirsky and members of the Reformed Evangelical Church in Tver, Russia. This congregation, along with the Moscow congregation were the first Reformed Churches in recent Russian history and began in 1991.

  Tver Reformed Congregation










St. Petersburg Congregation

Rev. Mikhail Poluboyarinov, St. Petersburg, RussiaPastor Mikhail Poluboyarinov is the pastor of the St. Petersburg Congregation of the Union of Evangelical Reformed Churches.    This congregation is a merger between a traditional Russian church and a church that was started by Korean missionaries amongst Korean people living in Russia.

  St. Petersburg Congregation Choir








Kazan Congregation

No pictures are currently available from this congregation.


Present Projects

  • Provide training materials, videos, audio tapes and courses for training their church leaders. * English language books for use in their Reformed study center.

  • Website development in Russian-English language providing a great deal of training material in the Russian language along with on-line Bible courses.

  • Various translation projects:

    • Good News Bible Study now translated into Russian.

    • Westminster Confession of Faith now translated.

    • Assist in providing Confession of Faith for Shaw's Commentary on the Westminster Confession.

  • Cooperation in literature distribution, in Russia and elsewhere.

  • Provide Russian language materials in North America.

Mission Objectives of our Colleagues in Russia

  • Assist in promoting reformation in Russia.

  • Establish a solid intellectual defense for Christianity in Russia.

  • Challenge both Orthodox and evangelical Christians to embrace the Bible and its Reformational theology.

  • Promote evangelism, discipleship and literature distribution.

  • Develop economically viable businesses to support Christian ministry.


  • A reliable income to provide a regular literature distribution network.

  • English theological books for Russian lending library.

  • Funds to implement the Good News Bible Study in Russia. $4,000 for printing and distribution.

  • One or two missionaries to assist in theological training in Russia can either reside or go back and forth (the latter is easier). 

  • Visiting seminary professors to St. Petersburg seminary and various congregations.


The following publications are available in the Russian language through RCM:

  • Westminster Confession of Faith

  • John Calvin: God & the Bible

  • John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion

  • Geneva Psalter

  • Heidelberg Catechism

  • Kashirsky: Of Christian Doctrine

  • Makarov: Why Sunday?

  • Meeter: Basic Ideas of Calvinism

  • Smirnov: Who Can Be Saved?

  • Smorodin: Search the Scriptures

  • Svoikin: Calvinism

  • Other booklets are also available.

Please see the RCM Foreign Language publications for "Russian Language" section for details and prices.

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