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If you wish to contribute to the revision of this edition the following procedures have been estab­lished to provide a basis for determining which contributions will be seriously considered:

Comments should be type-written, double-spaced indicating at the beginning the article, section and paragraph (counted down from section heading) which you wish to comment on. Brief, concise and clearly worded comments will be given more immediate con­sideration than those that are lengthy.

State clearly your position and its biblical basis (if applicable) in short and concise statements.

State specifically how you would rewrite the portion you are commenting on to include your concerns. (Keep in mind that clarity and brevity are important.)

Send all comments to Christians for Justice, International. See address below.

Anyone wishing to have their comments seriously considered, must adhere to the above guide­lines. In addition, the following procedures are announced:

Copies of books or other extensive articles will be accepted, but will not be considered without the above three steps being adhered to. No materials submitted will be returned.

Donations to cover the expenses of the committee and requests for information on subscription and membership will be acknowledged. Receipt of materials submitted for consideration in the draft may not be acknowledged.

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