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Article 5 — Civil Government

Section 16: Forfeiture Of Life For Murder

Forfeiture of life may be worked for an act of murder.

Murder is defined as a homicide with malice aforethought. Whether or not forfeiture of life may or shall be worked for other offenses is not clear as of this writing. Biblically, forfeiture for murder is derived from Genesis 9:6 which constitutes a restatement of the law of creation which bound Cain. It is also unclear whether a civil government may elect to punish murder in a non-capital way, such as by exile where the exam­ple of Cain provides support.


Section 17: Forfeiture Of Liberty For Defilement Of Land

Forfeiture of liberty for defilement of the land shall only be worked for acts of fornication, adul­tery, sodomy, bestiality or sexual intercourse with another by prohibited degrees of affinity or con­sanguinity.

This section recognizes that certain offenses defile the land (Leviticus 18). In many instances, as noted above, such offenses are subject to criminal punishment. Defiling the land impairs the inalienable right of property (real estate) and civil government has jurisdiction to secure this right.

The above mentioned offenses are criminal, because they defile the land. Consent among actors in no way alters this effect. The privacy of the actors in no way alters this effect. Consent and privacy are irrelevant to the issue of forfeiture. Though the act itself defiles the actors, this too is irrelevant to criminal prosecution. Forfeiture is necessitated simply because their acts defile the land. This section's reference to sodomy means that it is a crime against nature.

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