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Article 3 — Family Government

Section 1: Authority To Conceive And Bear Children

A husband and wife are endowed with the exclusive undelegatable right to conceive and bear children as God directs and enables. No law shall control, regulate or abolish this immutable right, including any law relative to when, where, by whom or in what manner children are to be conceived or born. Nothing herein, however, shall be construed to permit or compel abortion or infanticide.

This article and section focus on the family as a self-governing entity with certain rights and duties not ex­ercisable by individuals alone or within the jurisdiction of the church, a commercial enterprise or civil govern­ment

The first section reflects this scheme in the context of bearing children. It relies upon the biblical proposi­tion authenticated in Genesis 1:26-27 regarding the creation of man in God's image, both male and female. To this is added the concept of dominion expressed in Genesis 1:28, "be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it."

As God has extended this duty exclusively to husbands and wives, they alone obtain the endowment, thus the words "exclusive" and "nondelegable" preface the right. This feature bars all attempts to transfer con­ception and birth to surrogates. It permits no contracts to that effect as such would violate Genesis 2:23-25.

The legal prohibition which follows simply bars all civil government interference, control or regulation whatsoever. Current practice in some countries of compelling abortion or limiting the number of children are among this prohibited class.

The right is expressly declared not to include abortion or infanticide. The right is to conceive and bear as God enables and directs, not to conceive and kill as parents are disposed. Destruction of human life in this context is capitally punishable by the state as a criminal taking of the child's inalienable right of life. If to save the physical life of the mother, an abortion becomes medically necessary, then the rule is that the state may not interfere or punish. The principle is "no greater love than this, that one lays down his life for .another." As the principle is love, and is to be exercised or not exercised by the mother as she so desires, she may not be held criminally responsible for not exercising love by laying down her life. Such an action lies solely between her and her Creator who gives the life. Civilized countries admit no other rule.

Lastly, the events of Genesis 3 alter in no way the duties outlined in this article.


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