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Article 2 — Self-Government

Section 7: Right Of Movement; Association; Assembly; Petition

The right of movement and association, including assembling to petition the government for the redress of grievances, shall not be abridged. Nothing herein shall work to compel movement, associ­ation, assembly or petition, including unionization, nor shall same be subject to licensing, permits or registration.

The right to movement involves several concepts and is an expression of self-government. Men may asso­ciate with whom they will for any lawful purpose. Association is an expression of this liberty of action to do that which is right and not to do that which is wrong and criminal. As men are free to govern themselves and are presumed able to so govern, then their choices in exercising their right of association may not be com­pelled. To compel men to associate violates their liberty to choose and to govern themselves as they see fit.

This section also bars government from requiring licenses, permits or registration as either a precondition or necessary incidence of association, assembly or movement. Likewise, compulsory association or unioniza­tion as a precondition to employment or pursuing one's vocation, occupation or profession is also beyond the scope of civil government's power.

Assembly to petition is simply association, speech and press combined.

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