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Article 2 — Self-Government

Section 10 Emigration

Acts 17:26 indicates that from one man God made every nation of men, determining the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. This fact, combined with the principle of self-government, en­ables men to emigrate from a nation in which they reside. With respect to immigration to a nation which they believe God has set for their habitation, however, civil government also being an agent of God, must likewise be persuaded of the individual's specific place of habitation.

The right of free emigration from a nation is mandatory while free immigration into a nation is condi­tional upon the assent of that nation. This is so because a nation is also a people, possessing the liberty to re­main as such. Civil government also has the obligation to secure its borders and may bar or regulate immigra­tion accordingly.

No other rule could recognize the freedom of the individual and yet keep a people secure from foreigners, which through their governments are deemed inadmissible, for homogeneous or defensive reasons. See also Exodus 23:33.

Nothing herein should be construed to interfere with the power of civil government as it relates to ex­tradition.

All men have an immutable and inalienable right to emigrate from one nation or to form a new nation in vacant countries, or in such countries as they can purchase, whenever they think that thereby they may promote their own well-being.


Section 11 Self-defense

The specific right is self-defense. The means to defend oneself are relative to the culture. No civil society may impair the means without also affecting the ability to exercise the right of self-defense.

For example, as guns are available to some in virtually any civil society, civil government may not bar its people from possessing or using similar weapons to defend themselves. Each must decide on the means, but the right may never be so impaired.

The section is to be read in conjunction with Article 5, Section 7, regarding militias which describe the means for a community to protect themselves from arbitrary and pervasive government.

The right of self-defense shall not be infringed.

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