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The booklet here linked was written in 1991 by Drs. Nelson D. Kloosterman and Cornelius P. Venema of Mid-America Reformed Seminary on the subject of an essay written against those opposing women in office in the Christian Reformed Church of North America as set forth by the Calvin Theological Seminary entitled A Cause for Division?  Women in Office and the Unity of the Church.  

This booklet not only opposes women in ministerial office, but also demonstrates the danger of the hermeneutic that allows this position, since such may also eventually lead to the allowance of homosexuals in office.  In fact, both of these dangers materialized in the Christian Reformed Church of North America, and the authors and a host of other ministers and church left the Christian Reformed Church, many of whom later began what is now known as the United Reformed Churches of North America.  While somewhat out of date in the context of the Christian Reformed Church, this booklet is extremely helpful in demonstrating the dangers of leaving historical biblical hermeutical principles and the fall-out from such moves.

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