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How Islamic Immigration Reverses

Civil Rights in the West

Somewhere around the middle of the 19th century, General Napier was approached by a delegation that protested the British ban on Suttee. Napier responded by saying, "It is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and hang them. Build your funeral pyre and beside it my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your national custom - then we shall follow ours."

That was India then. Today Britain not only does not follow its national custom abroad, of hanging men who murder women, but does not even follow its own national customs at home.

The "New Britain" is a Chimera, a creature covered with grafted on parts and shiny logos, beneath which stirs a great deal of ugliness. Europe's large immigrant population has brought along its own customs and beliefs, at a time when Europe's native population no longer has any faith or confidence in its own "national customs". When even the idea of a national identity is controversial.

Nor is the problem limited to Europe alone. A combination of post-modern liberal moral equivalence and Dhimmi cowardice has rendered Western societies incapable of addressing all the ugliness that stirs beneath.

The same political establishment which in the name of social reform and open mindedness has degraded every possible national tradition across Europe, in America, Australia and in first world nations around the world-- has treated the brutal customs imported by Muslim immigrants as sacrosanct.

The moral hypocrisy bred by this double standard has in turn begun wrecking the reforms that the West has achieved, paradoxically disempowering the very vulnerable populations on whose behalf liberals once fought.

Women who in many cases went from having few rights, including the right to travel without a male guardian, take out loans, be protected against domestic abuse at home and rape outside the home, are seeing those rights reversed by the tidal flood of immigration and the refusal by political authorities and social critics to admit what is going on.

Honor killings are the endgame in repression, but there are quite many stages in between. Muslim immigrants who import tribal practices that mandate female inferiority do their best to impose them, first on their own women, and then finally on their new country as a whole.

The epidemic of gang rapes by Muslim immigrants in Sweden, Australia and elsewhere in the West are a cultural and religious problem that goes unacknowledged. They are the outgrowth of a belief system that views first non-Muslims and especially non-Muslim women as inferior and open to the taking. But they could not continue without a political and academic climate that discourages any criticism of Islam, and presumes that Western beliefs are inherently bad and non-Western beliefs are inherently good.

There could hardly be a better sanction for the whole ugly parade of atrocities carried out by Muslims in the West, than the belief imposed on their own victims that it is they who are at fault for centuries of colonialism, as if the descendants of Middle Eastern conquerors are somehow nobler than the descendants of European conquerors.

Rather than confronting the double standard and its high cost, Western politicians and academics instead insist on trying to equate Islamic cultural and religious standards with their own standards. And so there is a cottage industry for generating articles, books and slogans insisting that Islam is just as committed to equality and respect for women and minorities, as the West... if not more so.

The wages of this obscene charade, on a par with Theresienstadt, a show concentration camp maintained by the Nazis to show how well they were treating the Jews, is to cover up the real atrocities and the real erosion of civil rights for minorities in the West.

The Anti-Jewish riots, like the Tournade gang rapes in France, the terrorist bombings, the intimidation of cartoonists, the persecution of disabled people by Muslim cabbies, and so much else is part and parcel of the same problem-- Muslim intolerance for others, and their insistence that their hateful and bigoted beliefs should be considered supreme.

With growing concessions toward Islamic law, those beliefs are moving ever closer to becoming the law of the land in Western nations. But in many neighborhoods and areas, they are already the law. When women in France are intimidated into covering their heads, when an Israeli flag cannot hang in a Berlin window, when a Danish cartoonist cannot draw a cartoon, when British police wink at honor killings, when Americans can't catch a cab while carrying alcohol-- the law of Islam reigns supreme. And in doing so it robs hundreds of millions of people of their civil rights.

The suicide bombings, the honor killings, the acid throwing and other atrocities are only the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg itself is the culture of fear, violence and shame created by Muslims in the West that intimidates both Muslims and non-Muslims into obeying Sharia law, rather than the law of the land.

The hardfought legacy of human freedom is being sacrificed on the altar of Muslim immigration, and the constant pandering to Muslim sensibilities over public civil rights. We have come a long way from Napier, as Muslim women in Britain well know. Not only does England not enforce national customs abroad, but even at home, the law of the sword has replaced the laws of the United Kingdom.

King Sharia rules across Europe, violence and brutality is his penal code, and the silence and complacency of nations is his throne. The challenge is to uproot that throne before it hardens and becomes permanent. Before custom becomes law, that generations have grown up with. And the paradox is that it is the very people aiding Muslim immigration who have the most to suffer from it. The ideal of a liberal society is incompatible with a Muslim society. The two cannot and will not co-exist for long. Either the Sword of Islam of the Guarantees of Human Freedom must prevail.

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