Rev. Wes Bredenhof

Langley, B.C., Canada 

Rev. Wes Bredenhof has a long history with Reformation Christian Ministries becoming a board member of the Canadian board in 1997 and becoming part of the International board in 2008. 

He first came in contact with us as a college student from Edmonton during 1992 visiting with other young people from the Canadian Reformed Churches of Edmonton and Langley, British Columbia, to Suriname.  These students participated in a construction project assisting in the building of our school in Suriname. 


1992:  Young Wes sitting amongst a tribe of Djuka peoples, one of the tribes of former African slaves that escaped to the interior of Suriname and lived as Africans until slavery was abolished whereafter they gradually began to interact more with the colonists and mixed race people.

Picture right:  Young people from western Canada, primarily Edmonton, Alberta and Langely, British Columbia, who visited Suriname during 1992 from the Canadian Reformed Church.  During their trip they assisted in building a school building but also were taken around the country and into some interior areas to meet with some of the various tribal people of the country.  They are standing in front of the Christian Liberty Academy school building, which also served as the meeting place for the First Presbyterian Church.  He informed us later that this trip made a lasting impression upon him and helped him decide that after his theological training, he wanted to enter the field of missions. 

After completing college in Edmonton and his seminary education at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in Toronto, he accepted a call to be a missionary to the Native American Babine Nation and was posted to Ft. Babine, BC, about 100 miles north of Smithers, BC in Canada. 


Dr. Franco Maggiotto (L) and Rev. Geoffrey Donnan (R) stand in front of Ft. Babine Mission Church, during March 2003.  (Above)  Dr. Franco Maggiotto (back to camera) instructs a group of local Babine Nation attenders of the mission church with Rev. Wes Bredenhof (right front) looking on.

In 2005, Rev. Bredenhof accepted a call as the co-pastor of the Canadian Reformed Church of Langley, BC. 


Rev. Bredenhof lives with his wife and three children in Langley.  He is an avid hunter, reader and also on-going student, presently pioneering a Doctor of Missiology thru Reformation International Theological Seminary.   

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