Dr. Jackson Snyder

Registrar, Web and Bookstore Administrator

Jackson Snyder, Quality Pastoral Ministry Since 1980.Dr. Jack Snyder is our newest staff member.  The Lord brought Dr. Snyder to us in July 2008 to assume the responsibilities of registrar, computer and Internet administration and bookstore manager, fulfilling many of the former responsibilities of David Card, but also taking on a number of others.

He has been involved in Christian outreach for many years, particularly in the nation of Haiti.  He served over twenty years as a conservative pastor in the United Methodist Church, requesting early retirement in 2005.

He has become increasingly committed to conservative theology and that process continues as he has, for the first time, encountered conservative people of Reformed theological persuasion. 

While his functions are purely administrative in nature, we are hopeful that, as he rediscovers the Reformation and its theology, his usefulness in the work of Reformation Christian Ministries will continue to expand.  We find this possibility to be an exciting prospect.

Educationally, in 1986 he became a diplomate with The Institute of Financial Education (Chicago) in bank finances, having taught bank practices to bankers for the previous six years.
He received the Associate and Bachelor degrees (magna cum laude) in General Studies from Indiana University: the former (1986) as a Computer Programming major, and the latter (1988) majoring in Physiological Psychology. 

In 1994, he completed a four-year Master of Divinity degree at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, Atlanta, graduating cum laude.  In 1996, he completed his Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) through Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, Florida.  In 2004, he was awarded The Doctorate of Humane Letters honouris causa by the Wesley Synod of St. Bartholomew University, Kent, England for journalistic benevolence on behalf of conservative Anglican mission efforts in Pakistan and Africa.  He also has numerous certifications with Microsoft and other computer-related training. 

He has a vast experience in on-line education, publishing, website development, having previously been a consultant and running his own business part-time, then full-time upon his retirement in 2005.  Originally from Ohio, he served much of his ministry in west Florida. 

Jack is married to Mignon Moore Snyder; they have five grown children and fifteen grandchildren.  Mignon still manages the family farm in Illinois, though living in Florida.  In June, 2008 Jack and Mignon moved to Vero Beach, Florida to be closer to his mother, Bettie Snyder, who continues to be active in aid and educational ministries in Haiti.