Carl C. Curtis III

B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Literature
Advisory Board

Dr. Curtis is currently professor of Literature for Reformation International College as a result of our former sister-school relationship with Christ College of Lynchburg, Virginia.  His relationship with RIC continues though Christ College has ceased to exist in Lynchburg.  Since 2001, he has worked as associate professor of English at Liberty University in Lynchburg.

He previously taught as an adjunct professor of English at Christ College, Lynchburg, Virginia, from 1993-2005; at Ambassador University, Big Sandy, Texas from 1995-96; University of Texas at Tyler n 1994; previously again at Liberty University at Lynchburg during 1985 to 1987; and as assistant professor English at Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX in 1984.

He is a graduate of Texas A & M University with a Bachelors of Arts in History in 1974, and the Institute of Philosophic Studies, University of Dallas where he received both his Master of Arts in 1981 and his Ph.D. in Literature in 1986. He teaches the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Home, Virgil, and most recently, Dante. Among his publications are articles in Chronicles, Christianity and Literature, and Literature/Film Quarterly. He is married and the father of two daughters.

The following are some of Dr. Curtis' publications:

In Chronicles:

"A Hero for Our Times?"—1/86 ( review of Philip Ziegler’s biography of Lord Mountbatten);
"A Stranger to His Kind"—2/86 (review of Donald Spoto’s biography of Tennessee Williams);
"Jolly Good Fellow"—6/86 (review of Sheridan Morley’s biography of Noel Coward);
"The Eyes of Adam"—6/86 (a review of James Lord’s biography of Alberto Giacometti);
"Redeemer Novel"—7/86 (a review of Louis Auchincloss’s novel Honorable Men);
"Epigones of the Lost Generation"—9/86 (a review of John W. Aldridge’s After the Lost Generation);
"Amazing Grace"—10/86 (a review of David C. Read’s autobiography);
"Ski Poles & Baby Doctors:--11/86 (a review of John McPhee’s Table of Contents);
"Gimme that Ol’ time Education"—10/87 (an essay on view of education);
"Humanism as a Fine Art"—4/88 (a review of Stephen Tanner’s Paul Elmer More: Literary Criticism as the History of Ideas);
"The City of Man—Texas Style"—2/89 (a review of Malsch’s Indianola: Gateway to Western Texas);
"Kings of the Wild Frontier"—10/89 (a review of David Lavender’s The Way to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark Across the Continent);
"Passion in Private"—5/91 (a review of A. N. Wilson’s novels A Bottle in the Smoke and Incline Our Hearts).

In The World & I:

"Accepting Reality"—3/88 (an article on John Crowe Ransome’s poem "Bells for John Whiteside’s Daughter."

In The Southern Partisan:

"The Country Kitchen of Lynchburg"—Spring, 1988 (an article on old-fashioned cafes);
"On Killing a Skunk"—1st quarter, 1991 (about killing a skunk).

In The Fundamentalist Journal (with Deborah Huff):

"Today’s Music: From Whence Did It Rock, and Where Did It Roll?"—2/86.
In the book The Economics of Liberty, "Christian Economics" (Auburn, Alabama, 1990).
In Literature & Film Quarterly: "Powell & Pressburger’s A Canterbury Tale: New Pilgrims, Old Pilgrimage (Vol. 36, No 1, 2008).
In Christianity & Literature: "Biblical Analogy and Secondary Allegory in Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale" (Winter 2008).

He currently has a book in the process of being published by The Edwin Mellen Press on Chaucer (Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale: Athenian Order, Theban Love, Christian Cosmos).