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Dr. Stephen Westcott, M.A.C.S., Ph.D., D. Litt.

RCM Board of Advisor, RITS Professor
RITS-RIC Education Board Member
Doctoral Committee Chairman and Member
RCM U.K. Representative


Dr. Westcott first made contact with R.C.M. in the 1980s, when he was acting as Secretary to the ‘Bristol & Bath Presbyterian Dr. Stephen P. Westcott Fellowship’, which was seeking to engage Biblically sound Presbyterian and Reformed Churches in a possible revival of true Presbyterianism in England. Rev. Geoff Donnan (R.I.T.S. President) was one of the few who responded positively to this cry for recognition and help. The need for a truly international training Seminary to train men in the U.S., U.K. and on the mission field soon became clear; leading to the development of Reformation International Theological Seminary (R.I.T.S.) under Rev. Donnan’s leadership.

Dr. Westcott holds Ph.D. in ‘Christian Thought’ awarded for his translation and editing of the Puritan John Owen’s Latin ‘Theologoumena Pantadapa’ (as ‘Biblical Theology’); D.Litt. granted in ‘Christian Literature’ for his modernized and edited edition of Wickliffe’s New Testament (from Medieval ‘Middle English’) and M.A.C.S. John Owen’s Biblical Theology is in print (Soli Deo Gloria Publications) and Wickliffe’s New Testament is also in print (Reformation Media and Press), and other major works by Dr. Westcott are near publication.

At R.I.T.S. Dr. Westcott serves as Chairman of the Doctoral Review Committee, and teaches courses (on tape and CD) on the Puritan Theology of John Owen and on New Testament Textual Criticism.

Born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, in the North East of England, Dr. Westcott was active in archaeology, especially that of the Romano-British period and is also regarded as an expert on the history and theology of the English Puritans. A long term resident of the city of Bristol, he now resides in the small coastal town of Weston-super-Mare on England’s west coast in the county of Somerset.  He is married to Anne, and has two sons, Jonathan (33) and James Mark (30) who both live and work in Bristol.

Lacking a truly Confessional Presbyterian Church in England the family usually worship in the Westcott home on Lord’s Day mornings, and visit a Reformed Church in Bristol most Sunday evenings.

Dr. Westcott’s vision is still to see a revival of Westminster Standards Presbyterianism in England, and he is constantly seeking co-workers to forward that vision!

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