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Mr. Raul Montes

Miami Springs, Florida


Mr. Raul Montes, Miami Springs FloridaMr. Raul Montes was RCM's first board member, serving first on a board of advisors from 1985 and eventually on the board itself when it was formed.  He met Rev. Geoff Donnan through Mr. Russ Walton (of Plymouth Rock Foundation) now deceased, back in 1985 while Geoff Donnan was still living and working in Suriname.  During one of Geoff's trips back to the U.S., Russ Walton (Plymouth Rock Foundation director at the time) told Raul how to reach him and they met and had dinner in Miami before Geoff returned to Suriname.  A fast friendship developed and they met every time the Donnans came back from Suriname until 1986 when they moved to Florida.   Geoff Donnan introduced Raul to the Reformed faith and shortly after, he began attending a local Presbyterian Church in America in South Florida.  Through the then board of advisors, Rev. Jeffrey Boer and Raul Montes met and eventually, after several years, Raul joined the Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church and subsequently became a ruling elder in that church and remains such to this day.

Raul was born in Cuba and came over to the United States at a very young age as his parents fled the regime established by Fidel Castro.  He was raised in the Miami Springs area of South Florida, and acquired a degree in Biochemistry, but followed in the family business manufacturing walk-in freezers and coolers.  His father has retired and he acquired the business which is known today as Ram Manufacturing Group in Hialeah, Florida.   He recently moved to a new location working with his brother, who has been a competitor in the same business.  Their combined business gives them a substantial edge over the competition in a very price-conscious industry.  Raul has been a committed Christian throughout his business career.

Raul Montes familyWith his business expertise and financial background, the board selected him to be RCM's auditor for the last number of years.  He has traveled with RCM to Nicaragua and RCM has also traveled with him to Honduras, where new opportunities exist for working through Raul's business contacts and in-laws there. 

On October 6, 2007, all of the U.S. based RCM board was invited to the wedding of Raul to Anna Janania of Pedro Sula, Honduras.  They met through business contacts of Raul's in Honduras where his company conducts much business.   Click here to see a newsletter report on their marriage from our October 2007 newsletter

Raul inherited and has adopted Anna's two children, Navill and Almera.   They are in process of getting their visa to come to the United States. 

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