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Dr. John Byl, B.Sc., Ph.D.

Canadian Board Member

Advisory Board, Reformation International College

Doctoral Committee

Dr. John Byl - Reformation International Doctoral CommitteeDr. John Byl took an interest in the work of Reformation Christian Ministries many years ago through introductions made from within the Canadian Reformed Churches of which he is a member.  His interest peaked when we began the Reformation International College (RIC) and he has assisted us from its beginning with advice and counsel regarding subjects related to his sphere of knowledge.

He has been an elder in the Canadian Reformed Church.  He is presently a retired professor from Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, where he began in 1978, took over as chair of the department of Mathematical Sciences in 1980 and received his full professorship in 1985. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of British Columbia in 1969 and his Ph.D. in Astronomy from the same in 1973. He also serves on RIC Educational and Doctoral committees.

He previously worked as a visiting professor at Dordt College, Iowa, in the Physics Department during 1977-79. He previously worked as a post doctoral fellow from 1973-75 and as lecturer from 1975-77 at the University of British Columbia, Department of Geophysics & Astronomy in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

In 1999, he was awarded the Templeton Award for Science/Religion Course for his course Math 480: Foundations in the Mathematical Sciences: Theological and Philosophical Issues.

Dr. Byl's research interests are in Astronomy (celestial mechanics, cosmology), physics (special relativity), computing (cellular automata), mathematics (infinite tasks), interaction between science and religion. In recent years the focus of my research has shifted to philosophical and theological issues related to the foundations of mathematics, physics and cosmology.

He was born in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1949 and is now a Canadian citizen, is married and has six children. . Married. Six children.


Selected Publications by Dr. John Byl

Click here to see some books and articles written by Dr. Byl

Review: Theology and Modern Physics by Peter E. Hodgson
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Recent Talks & Seminars "Mathematics and Truth", May 12, Tavrida National University, Simferopol, Ukraine (powerpoint).

"Relating Matter, Mind and Mathematics", May 12, Crimean University, Simferopol, Ukraine (powerpoint)
"Does mathematics need a worldview?" Man and the Christian Worldview Conference, Alushta, Ukraine, May 16, 2008.
"Models and presuppositions in science and theology", ESSSAT Conference, Sigtuna, Sweden, May 3, 2008.
"Worldviews in Conflict: Christianity versus its challengers", Creation Research Society, Prince George, Feb.6, 2007 (powerpoint)
"War of the Worldviews: Naturalism versus Christianity", Creation Science Association of BC, Chilliwack, Feb.16 and Vancouver, Feb.17, 2007 (powerpoint)
"Cosmology and Reality", Pacific Bible College, March 10, 2007 (powerpoint)
"Matter, Mathematics and God", May 1, 2006, International Congress on Science and Religion, Tehran
"Chance, Choice and God", May 2, 2006, International Congress on Science and Religion, Tehran.
"Cosmology and Christianity" Feb., 2006, Young People's Society, Reformed Congregation, Chilliwack (powerpoint).
"Christian Warfare Against Evil Strongholds", Sermon on II Cor.10:4-5. Reformed Baptist Church, Jerusalem, May 20, 2005.
"Creation, Science and Biblical Authority", Reformatorisch Dagblad Studiedag, Apeldoorn, Oct.8, 2005.
"Teaching Mathematics From a Christian Perspective", CTABC-NWSCI Teachers Convention, Langley, Oct.5, 2004 (powerpoint).
"A Christian Perspective On Physics", Physics Faculty Lecture, Potchefstroom, South Africa, Feb.7, 2003.
"Presuppositions in Cosmology", Philosophy Faculty Lecture, Potchefstroom, Feb.10, 2003.
"Life in the Universe", Biology Faculty Lecture, Potchefstroom, Feb.11, 2003.
"Chance, God and Freedom", Theology Faculty Lecture, Potchefstroom, Feb.12, 2003.
"Can (Post)Modern Science Prove Genesis 1-11 is Not Historical?", Die Teologiese Studentevereniging, Potchefstroom, Feb.13, 2003.
"Towards a Christian Cosmology", Simposium, Grondslae en Etiek, Potchefstroom, Feb.14, 2003.
"Interactions Between Matter, Mind and Mathematics", CCCU Workshop, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, May 23, 2003.
"Mathematical Models and Reality", ACMS Conference, Point Loma Nazarene College, San Diego, May 29, 2003. (powerpoint).
"Theism and Mathematical Realism", Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences Conference, Calvin College, May 31, 2001.
"Presuppositions and Worldviews in Dialogue", Templeton "Time & God" Conference, Oxford, July 10, 2000.
"The Reformed View of Origins", Canadian Reformed Young Peoples Ring Kring, Langley, April 11, 1999.
"Is Theistic Evolution Biblical?" Alliance of Reformed Churches Conference, Wheaton College, July 23, 1993.

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