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Rev. Dr. Jeffrey K. Boer

Hialeah, Florida, U.S.A.

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Boer, Hialeah FloridaDr. Jeffrey Boer has been the second longest-standing board member of RCM, having joined in 1988.  He was then the pastor of Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), as he remains to this day.  He was born in Sanborn, Iowa as the second of seven children and raised as a Christian.  He married his wife Barbara Jean Kramm, a daughter of OPC elder Robert Kramm (now deceased).  His wife has recently been appointed (effective July, 2008) as the Headmaster at Bethany Christian School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (the oldest Reformed Christian school in Florida).  He graduated from Dordt College with a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology; from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1979 with a Master of Divinity and from Whitefield Theological Seminary in 1993 with a Doctor of Ministry.

Dr. Boer has been instrumental in assisting us in the development of RCM's college and seminary program and also has been an important aid and consultant through many times of great trial.  RCM's Rev. Donnan had the privilege of introducing him to one of our other board members, Mr. Raul Montes, back in 1988.  Mr. Montes now serves as an elder in Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Boer, Headmaster of Bethany Christian SchoolDr. Boer serves on the executive committee of RCM's college and seminary programs, and also serves as a member of the Doctoral Committee responsible for making decisions with respect to doctoral candidates. 

He has two sons, Casey Daniel born in 1983 and Jordan David born in 1986.  They both were home schooled and now work in South Florida.

Dr. Jeffrey Boer and his wife Jean (center) with sons Stacy (left) and Jordan (right) during 2007.

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