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Tabitha (1995), J.D. (1996), Deborah (1997),
Samuel (1998), Nathan (2000), Elizabeth (2001),
Esther (2003), Miriam (2005) & Sarah (2006)

The connection between the Card Clan and Reformation Christian Ministries (RCM) starts a long time ago when Kimarie Donnan (now Card) as a child of nine years old, was brought by her parents to Suriname from 1978 to 1986.  She was educated first by homeschooling and eventually through Christian Liberty Academy in Paramaribo.  Kimarie began working with the ministry from about age twelve helping out in the school office and learning the computer and developing her typing skills.  After the return to the U.S., even though she graduated from the school in Suriname, she was enrolled to do her senior year over again in the United States to help her acclimate to the U.S. schooling systems.  (She had been a year ahead of her age in Suriname, so this did not hold her back). 

After several years at Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania, she returned to Florida and after spending some time working in different occupations, joined RCM helping out in the office.  In 1991, through Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (where the Donnan family was then attending), she met David Card.  He was brought in from a visiting nuclear submarine as an outreach ministry of the church.  He had been the lay chaplain on the boat and immediately grasped that Kimarie was a Christian girl he wanted to get to know.  Because of the way Kimarie was raised, once David started showing some interest, she referred her to her father to get permission to see her (actually to court her).   David spoke with Geoffrey Donnan to find out what was involved and a long discussion ensued.  Eventually, the process involved his reconsidering his Baptist theology and looking into conservative, Bible-believing Reformed and Presbyterian theology.  At the time, he was living in Norfolk, Virginia and was referred to a local church (Immanuel Presbyterian Church -- Presbyterian Church in America affiliated) and joined the church.  A year or so later, David came to his father in law and asked for Kimarie's hand.  This was not immediately granted because a financial statement was required to see if he could support her.  After learning about financial statements and getting his finances together and discussing them, he was required to substantially reduce his debt and prepare himself for the task of being a responsible head of household.  FINALLY, permission was granted and they were engaged in December, 1993 and married, May 1994.  Their first child was born ten months later. 

After their marriage and some years to complete his contract with the U.S. Navy as a nuclear plant operator on submarines, David joined RCM to assist with the college and seminary program and, in general, to assist Rev. Donnan.  They first lived with the Donnans, and then found a house to rent a few blocks away in Pompano Beach, Florida.  They joined in the move to Fellsmere in May, 1998 and again lived together with the Donnans in a three bedroom, two and one half bath home for four years, until the RCM office was built in 1999 and the Donnan home was completed in 2002. 

In March 2008, he was offered an opportunity to work for the Florida Power and Light as a nuclear reactor control operator trainee in their St. Lucie plant near Ft. Pierce.  So, after twelve years, he left RCM. 

However, he continues as a volunteer.   The Card family continues to live on the RCM property as they have since 1998, and intend to do so for the indefinite future having an arrangement with the Donnans and RCM to help maintain the property and help look after the Donnans in their older age.   

The Card family, particularly David and the older children, assist in many ways.   While David has left the official employment of RCM, he continues as a volunteer to handle many of the students that he had previously been responsible for with RCM, while Rev. Rudy Poettcker is handling all of the newer students on a slightly different system.

The Card family children help out in many ways, especially with upkeep around the property, cutting grass, picking up trash from the office, getting the mail and helping in the sending out of RCM's almost monthly newsletter.

Aside from this, David hopes to continue his side business started after the hurricanes of 2004 (see report) of retrieving and utilizing the many trees that are brought down by the winds.  He calls his business Good Stewards Custom Lumber

Both the Card and Donnan families were charter members of King's Reformed Presbyterian Church, Palm Bay, Florida and Rev. Geoffrey Donnan has had the privilege of baptizing all of his nine grandchildren from the Cards.  Nancy Donnan is now teaching six of them piano and since they all live so close together, birthday parties are almost a monthly event.

Stay tuned for more information on the Cards in the future and a possible blog where they will keep all up to date on their personal lives. 

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