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English Language Libraries Needed

For Primary and Secondary Schools

Below are some of the schools for which we are seeking to provide library books.

Our schools in China needs English books.  Everyone wants to know English.

Primary schools in Zambia will study the Scriptures in English if given the opportunity.

Primary School in China

Primary School in Zambia

English language libraries are a great tool for schools as English is a coveted language and reading materials are scarce. The school we are seeking to assist says that while Christian materials cannot be used in the school curriculum, Christian books available in the English language may be freely stocked in their library. All books will have to be hand carried with visitors to China in suitcases. They are legal to bring in, but all other means of bringing them are presently unreliable.


Zambia is an English speaking country, but local dialects (like Bemba and Swahili) are the language of most of the people. All education is in the English language, but this is not the language of the children when they first come to school. This particular school is a free Christian school supported by donations from abroad for children too poor even to attend the government schools. There is presently no reading library available to the primary students. Books may be shipped to Zambia by M-Bag international book mail, though it generally takes about 6 months to arrive.

North American missions have always had close ties with Suriname, a small, coastal country in South America.

Many Chinees students can already speak fluent English by secondary school.

Primary School in Suriname

Secondary School in Suriname 

The pictures above are of Christian Liberty Academy of Paramaribo, Suriname, a school established by RCM in 1979. It now has between 250-300 students every year, most of whom are not from the country of Suriname, but live in it now either temporarily or permanently. in 2003, a fire destroyed the library of the school, which is being restocked. Books are shipped down each year with book and equipment by boat and arrive in a matter of weeks.

RCM is seeking to provide English language Christian and other good reading and study books for schools in three different countries listed above. Help is needed to collect, screen and then ship books to RCM's HQ where they will be combined and shipped to the respective countries (with the exception of China, which will be shipped directly to travelers going to China at specific times). 

We need those who will take on the challenge of collecting, previewing (on the basis of guidelines RCM will provide), and sorting the books into the categories suitable for the respective schools. This will be an on-going task and would be very suitable for church groups whose churches could assist in providing shipping for the books. This would make an excellent effort for a church to do on an on-going basis.

Common sources of books:

Book sales and leftovers from book sales

School libraries commonly cull through and discard older books, many of which are excellent.

Families where the children have grown up

Churches and their libraries

Thrift shops

Donation drop offs set out in churches

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