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Reformation Christian Ministries Association (Canada) 

is set up as a registered charitable association under the British Columbia Society Act (Registration #:  889609178 RR 0001) and as such may issue tax-receipts for donations made for approved projects of this association.   It is a separate and distinct charity and solely responsible for the direction of funds donated by Canadian residents through it.  All giving through this website from Canada to Reformation Christian Ministries Association (CANADA) can only be donated in Canadian dollars (CAN) should visit the Canadian Donation page.   Donations may be made by check or credit/debit card.

Reformation Christian Ministries (United States)

is incorporated in the State of Florida as a not-for-profit church corporation (FEI: 65-0672269) and as such is automatically considered an IRS 501(c)(3) and thus eligible to receive tax-deductible donations.     It is a separate and distinct charity and solely responsible for the direction of funds donated by United States residents through it.  All giving through this website from the United States to Reformation Christian Ministries (UNITED STATES) for tax receipting purposes must be given in U.S. dollars.  ALL CANADIAN DOLLAR DONATIONS ARE ROUTED SOLELY TO THE CANADIAN CHARITY.  However, any other currencies can be accepted for donation and are routed to the U.S. charity.  US Donation page.

Foreign currency donations may be made through the International/US Office via the International Donation page.

Gifts of Stocks and/or Securities

Reformation Christian Ministries in the U.S. and Reformation Christian Ministries Association in Canada are both set up to receive stocks and/or securities donations and issue tax/charity receipts.

If you or your stock broker will kindly confirm the price at the point of transfer this will be helpful to us in providing your tax/charity-receipt.

Notice:  If you have a Scott Trade account in the U.S. and wish to make Scott Trade to Scott Trade donations, please call Geoff Donnan (contact information below) for Scott Trade account information.  This is only for U.S. donors.

Your broker will need the following information:


Morgan Stanley
800 Newport Center Drive
Ste. 700
Newport Beach, CA. 92660

DTC#: 0015

FBO: Reformation Christian Ministries

As donations from Canadians are handled by a different account than those from the U.S., all Canadians should use the Canadian account below. No tax/charity-receipts are issuable for donors from other countries other than Canada and the U.S. unless such receipts are needed within one of those two countries.  Be sure you select the correct account number.

CANADA Account#:    253-034299-148

U.S.A. Account#:        253-033832-148


If you have any questions, please contact Geoff Donnan at RCM by phone or  [CONTACT US]:

Office Phone:  772-571-8030
Cell Phone:     772-633-8879
Email:             gwd @ reformation . edu

For questions related to Morgan Stanley please contact:

Michelle Leivas, Client Service Associate
Phone:  949-760-2423
Fax:      949-640-6124


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