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Registered under the B.C. Society Act January 29, 1990

Canada Charity Registration Number:  889609178 RR 0001.

Reformation Christian Ministries Association of Canada (RCMA) was founded on July 29, 1989 and officially notified of its registration by then Revenue Canada on January 25, 1990 through the efforts of Mr. Ben Van der Woerd of Surrey, British Columbia, a member at that time of the Canadian Reformed Church. It was originally founded under the name of Caribbean Christian Ministries since it was intended to work as the Canadian counterpart of what was then known as Caribbean Christian Ministries founded by Rev. Geoffrey Donnan. It was organized under the British Columbia Society Act and then registered with Revenue Canada for recognition in all provinces. In 1996, when Reformation Christian Ministries (RCM) was incorporated in the United States, RCMA decided to change its name to what it is presently.

Mr. Van der Woerd had become acquainted with Rev. Donnan at a meeting in Washington, D.C. some years earlier shortly after Rev. Donnan's return from Suriname. Mr. Van der Woerd took several trips with Rev. Donnan to Nicaragua and Suriname and became convinced of the importance of this ministry and wanted to assist it in getting organized so as to be recognized in Canada.

Over time, Mr. Van der Woerd decided to focus his attentions on the problems of the refugees coming from Sudan and so eventually the original board gravitated into our present board members of Rev. Barry Beukema, Rev. Wes Bredehnof and Rev. Geoffrey Donnan.  During the early years, the office management was done by Mr. Van der Woerd in Surrey, BC and has been variously administered by others until in 2003, Mrs. Valerie Beukema (pictured above on the left) took the helm and has been doing a wonderful job.   Her husband pastors the United Reformed Church of Thunder Bay, Ontario, which has been involved in supporting the work of RCMA and has even sent teacher assistants and groups to Suriname. 

RCMA office in Murillo, Ontario, on the outskirts of Thunder Bay, Ontario.   

All contributions to Reformation Christian Ministries Association are overseen by the board of RCMA and financial statements are regularly filed annually with the appropriate Canadian authorities.  They are eligible to receive charity receipts which are sent out annually just after the first of the year, except when otherwise requested specially.  Stock donations can also be received. 

The relationship between RCMA and RCM is one of partnership rather than any formal connection. Many of the causes they have interest in are similiar to those of RCM.

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