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General International & U.S. Office Information

What goes on at RCM's Headquarters (HQ)?

Office Staff

Physical Property

History of RCM's Headquarters Offices:

  • Suriname (1980-1990)

  • Pompano Beach, Florida (1990-1998)

  • Fellsmere, Florida (1998-present)

Trying times:

  • Hurricanes 2004

  • Florida Fires 2008

What goes on at RCM's Headquarters (HQ)?

Anyone who has ever served in the military or in a large corporation knows, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes than meets the eye. Our Gospel-centered outreach necessitates a great deal of work that is not seen on the mission field. Without it, however, most of the work would be greatly affected. Certainly this is especially true in the educational programs and courses which are almost entirely generated by our headquarters staff. It is often more popular for donations to be designated for field needs, but perhaps this expose of the work of the HQ staff will encourage many to consider the importance of contributions and assistance in other ways, to RCM's HQ.

National Office Coordination for:

  • U.S.A.

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

Field Coordination for:

  • Russia

  • U.K.

  • Suriname

Field Assistance (All aimed at planting or growing churches)

  • Quarterly/bimonthlyfield newsletters

  • Raising of field-needed funds

  • Correspondence and acknowledgments with field supporters

  • Travel arrangements

  • Purchasing, shipping and other services for field

  • Internet and Web site administration for all fields

  • Assist in meeting educational needs on field through Education ministries

  • Missionary recruiting and training when applicable

  • Coordinate field trips and visitors

  • Respond to field requests for information, research, references, etc.

  • Coordination of translations for specific projects

  • Provide books, films and tapes to develop field libraries

Church planting

Book Publications and Distribution

  • For fields (Russian, Albanian, Spanish, French)

  • For college, seminary, institute and Bible study ministries

  • To provide Reformed materials for North Americans for use with internationals

  • Publish new or republish out of date materials for training, education and sales

Education Ministries for Fields:

  • Good News Bible Study Ministry

    • Oversee and coordinate with Administrator for international courses

    • Shipping and filling orders for grading centers

    • Help churches in local applications of courses

    • Develop advanced courses

    • Direct advanced students

    • Oversee translation, printing & distribution of Dutch, Albanian, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Punjabi and Urdu literature

    • Develop and manage on-line Bible course ministry in different languages.

  • Reformation Bible Institute (in planning stages)

    • Designing as advanced level for Bible Study ministry graduates and pre-seminary training

  • Reformation International Theological Seminary

    • Coordinate Seminary Board

    • Administrate curriculum

    • Interaction with students

    • Develop curriculum (from course layout, professor lectures on tape, required readings and assignments, finished outlines, testing, grading procedures, etc.) --> 109 courses Coordinate with cooperating institutions (Dabney Center, Ottawa Theological Hall and others in process) and suppliers

    • Assist missionaries in use and adaptation of curriculum for local language

    • Coordinate with overseas schools using materials and offering courses

    • Coordinate with churches using for parsonage training

    • Maintain State of Florida approval

    • Set up programs for students

    • Adapt programs for use overseas

  • Reformation International College

    • Coordinate with College Board

    • Develop curriculum (same as above)

    • Development of Education, Economics and Business Degree programs (especially needed overseas)

    • Review and revamp all existing programs and courses as needed.

Administration, Correspondence & Reports

  • Monthly RCM newsletter and prayer letter

Volunteer Coordination

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