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    Updates coming soon

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January to September 2016 Newsletter  View or Download PDF

    RCM 2016 Newsletter

Cover: RCM's 2016 Fighting Cancer


Feature article: 2016 Fighting Cancer

Other articles: What is Going On; What is Going to Happen; Newsletter Changes; Update from Suriname by Rev. Rudy Poettcker; Help us with our Book Inventory.


Fall & Winter 2015 Newsletter  View or Download PDF

    2015 RCM Newsletter

Cover: RCM's 2015 Trials & Blessings


Feature article: 2015 Trials & Blessings for RCM.

Other articles: RCM's doctoral program.  Doctoral Committee additions.  New M.Div. graduate.  .  WAYS YOU CAN HELP RCM with your skills.  Visiting Seminary student from Kenya,  Director's Personal Corner.  The Future for RCM after 37 Years.


Fall & Winter 2014 Newsletter  View or Download PDF

 Winter 2013 Newsletter  

Cover: RCM Expanded its U.S. Board adds Dr. Robert Grossman and Mr. Royston Burrell


Feature article: RCM's Expanding ministry--The great need for Prayer Warriors

Other articles: Rev. John Otis, new staff member at RCM. Update on Good News Bible Study ministries.  Need for mentors/tutors.  WAYS YOU CAN HELP RCM with your skills.  Suriname Update.


September, 2014 Introduction Letter to Pastor John Otis
View or Download PDF

    Pastor John Otis

This is a special introduction letter to Pastor John Otis, who has recently joined the staff of Reformation Christian Ministries specifically for the purpose of assisting in the writing and administration of the Good News Bible Study Ministries.


December 2013 Newsletter  View or Download PDF

    2013 RCM Newsletter

Cover: Good News Bible Study going Chinese in print and on-line version. 


Feature article: Health status of RCM and improving health of Rev. Geoff Donnan

Other articles: New family joins RCM. Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, Pakistani Urdu and Punjabi language Bible courses.  WAYS YOU CAN HELP RCM with your skills.  Donnan travel report.  Suriname Update.

December 2012 Newsletter  View or Download PDF

    International Study from Senegal

Cover: Pastor Jacques Teguel from Dakar, Senegal is one of our international seminary students.  During a visit to the U.S., RCM's Director, Rev. Geoffrey Donnan and his wife Nancy, met with Rev. Teguel and his wife Cloris. 

Feature article: God's Grace Remains Sufficient and Enables Us to Adjust. . .  Includes updates on adjustments made by  Revs. Rudy Poettcker and Geoff Donnan over the past year,

Other articles: Latest report from Suriname school, Evangelism outreach for local churches.  Updates on the Good News Bible Study into Chinese and French.  Meet Peter and Jenny Yuan, our Chinese translators.  God’s Government of the "Valley of the shadow of death" is never an accident.  Tragedy in Suriname.


May-December 2011 Newsletter  View or Download PDF

    Sabu Island Greeting

Cover: Pastor from Kupang, West Timor greets Elder from Sabu Island with typical Christian greeting of rubbing noses.  Picture taken by Rev. Geoff Donnan May 2011 during visit to West Timor, Indonesia

Feature article: God's Faithfulness Amid Trials. . .  Two new appointments to Reformation Christian Ministries, Dr.Richard Knodel to the position of Chairman of the Doctoral Committee and Rev. Dan Gibson to Good News Bible Study developer.  .

Other articles: Recent trip to Philippines and Indonesia by Rev. Donnan.  Graduation Class of 2011 in Suriname school.  Technical update on Rev. Donnan's health.  Need for Pakistani Urdu Reformed Christian for Bible course coordination.  Website assistance needed and Introduction to Reformation Media & Press publication by Dr. Wesley Bredenhof entitled For the Cause of the Son of God, the Missionary Significance of the Belgic Confession of Faith.  .


January-April 2011 Newsletter  View or Download PDF


Cover: Members of the Sambu Island church of the Gereja Reformisi Calvinis di Indonesia, i.e. Reformed Calvinist Church of Indonesia, located in Sambu Island near West Timor. 

Feature article: He shall subdue the people under us. . .  The hope for each individual Christian in his life's calling to be part of Christ's great commission to subdue all people by means of His people.

Other articles: Rev. Donnan's trip to the Philippines & Indonesia, Rev. Poettcker's trip to Suriname and financial needs, Introduction of Reformation Media & Press publication on Dr. John Owen entitled By the Bible Alone.

October - December RCM 2010 Newsletter  October-December 2010 RCM Newsletter in pdf



Cover: Our Primary Missionaries:  Left - Rev. Geoffrey Donnan and Nancy, Upper Right - Rev. Rudy Poettcker and Sharilyn, Lower Right - Rev. Richard Knodel and Susan.

Feature article: In Due Season. . .  and pictures of board members and main field directors.  Christmas and New Year Greetings.along with latest field and ministry updates.


August-September 2010 Newsletter  View or Download PDF



Cover: Members of the Presbyterian Church of Dakar, Senegal

Feature article: A Famine in the Land. . .  Surrounded by churches and gospels with so few that are true.

Other articles: Rev. Dr. Richard Knodel Back from Scotland; Meet who we met over the past few months at various conferences; New prospective work in Timor, Indonesia; Mary Montague--God's Answer to prayer in Suriname and much more..

We apologize for not being able to put out a newsletter between May and August

The lack of additional office help has been a challenge.


January-April 2010 Newsletter  View or Download PDF



Cover: Making Disciples From Many Nations (Graduation 2009 Suriname)

Feature article: When the Going Gets Tough. . .  Some of RCM's recent challenges with the Knodels in Scotland, Poettckers, and RCM's HQ and how God's grace has been sufficient.

Other articles: Good News Bible Study update, French & Spanish Bible Course Grading Centers needed, Albania Website update, Suriname update, URGENT Need for another teacher in Suriname.  Revs Donnan and Poettcker schedules and travels, Degree programs available now through Reformation International Theological Seminary and Reformation International College; Reformation Media & Press upcoming publications; Six Scripture & Science Lectures on DVD now by Dr. Philip Stott.

September-December 2009 Newsletter 

View or Download HIGH-Quality PDF (big file, slower download—2.6 mb)

View or Download MEDIUM-Quality PDF (smaller file, faster download—635kb)



Cover: RCM's Evangelism & Outreach (including Philippines)

Feature article: RCM's existing and future evangelism and outreach programs.

Other articles: Christian Liberty Academy of Paramaribo celebrates 30 years; Good News Bible Study testimonial letters; Teachers needed in Suriname; HQ Briefs; College and Seminary updates; Meet Professor Dr. Murray; Outreach in the Philippines; Greetings from Staff.

June-August 2009 Newsletter  View or Download PDF



Cover: The Gospel & Universal Rights

Feature article: The relationship between the Gospel and Universal Rights.

Other articles: Good News Bible Study outreach in Urdu and Punjabi languages of India and Pakistan; Suriname report on new school enrollment and new teacher from Canada; HQ report on a culvert gone bad and what was necessary to replace it; report from American Vision Conference in Atlanta area, Declaration of Universal Rights document now available.

March-May 2009 Newsletter  View or Download PDF


Cover: The Precious Seed of Mission Work.

Feature article: The results of unwearied, long-patient mission work as seen in the work of the Lord in the Gomes Family of Suriname.

Other articles: RCM's new on-line bookstore; Dr. John Byl lectures in Albania; urgent need for teacher in Suriname; RCM Website hacked; Rev. Hamid's 20th anniversary with Christian Liberty Academy in Paramaribo, Suriname and much more.

January February 2009 Newsletter  View or Download PDF


Zambia Pastoral Training Seminar, sponsored by Reformation Christian Ministries

Cover: The Calling of Mission Work TODAY!! A review of missions today and how RCM is fulfilling this responsibility.

Feature article: The Calling of Mission Work Today, The Vision of RCM, R I S E to the Occasion

Other articles: Poettcker Prayer Partners report for January & February; R I S E Program, Updates on HQ and our various fields. New website banners for Italy and Albania websites.

October to December 2008 Newsletter View or Download PDF


Cover: The Florida RCM team in unusual gathering at HQ.

Feature article: Fainting not, knowing in due season we shall reap (Galatians 6:8-9)

Other articles: Poettcker Prayer Partners report for October thru December; report on school in Suriname;

Updates on HQ and our various fields.

August - September 2008 Newsletter  View or Download [pdf]

Donnans Celebrate 40 Years of Marriage Bliss!

Cover: RCM Director & his wife celebrate 40 years of marriage.

Feature Article:  The Gospel's power for life here and now. 

Other articles: Poettcker Prayer Partners report for May through August.

Introduction to Rev. Dr. Jack Snyder, replacement for David Card.

Updates from our various fields.  View or Download [pdf]

May - July 2008 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]  

Cover: Celebrating 30 Years and Announcing RCM's New Website.

Feature Article:  You ran well, what hindered you?

Other articles: Teachers needed in Suriname;

Overview of RCM's new website;

Updates from Headquarters;

Celebrating 30 Years. 

May-July 2008 View or Download [pdf]  

March-April 2008 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

Cover: Brought together by RCM in Italy. | Report four years later. | Feature Article: The Challenge of Change.

Other articles: Poettcker Prayer Partner update | Christian baptism in Albania | Job Opportunity at RCM.

Memorial for Rev. Latima Bupe, Zambia.

March-April 2008 View or Download [pdf]  

January-February 2008 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

Year-end Devotional: Some encouraging news from China! | Feature Article: Duty vs. Supererogation.

| Poettcker Prayer Partner update | Some changes in the wind at RCM.

January-February 2008 View or Download [pdf]

December 2007 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

The Christ and Gospel of RCM.


November 2007 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

"...the churches are crowded with people whose largest thought of salvation is that their own souls should be cared for" says Dr. George L. Mackay, twenty three year veteran in early missions to Taiwan. Also see short true story about "LORD GANÉSA and LITTLE RÁMASWÁMI", as well as RCM's new publishing venture in which you can help in many practical ways.

View or Download [pdf]

October 2007 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

Can the culture of "church" be a subsitute for the true Gospel? Analysis inside also views this from a missions perspective. Reports on RCM finances, Russia trip, Philip Stott, Honduras trip as well as recent trip to NW US and SW Canada by Rev. Donnan.

View or Download [pdf]

August-September 2007 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

The true Gospel is contrasted with "gospels" that remove true confrontation with sin. Reports also on the Good News Bible Study and its progress in North American church use for evangelism and outreach, First African doctorate, Philip Stott trip, and RCM construction project completion.

View or Download [pdf]

June 2007 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

Updates on Italy, Albania, and graduation exercises in Suriname. Report on trip to Russia and upcoming visit by Professor Philip Stott to do science lectures in North America.

View or Download [pdf]

March-May 2007 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

This newsletter introduces you to Rev. Paolo Castellina and Professor Philip Stott and also includes an update on Italy, interviews of student teachers in Suriname and the need for teachers this coming school year and next.

View or Download [pdf]

January-February 2007 Newsletter View or Download [pdf]

This newsletter is predominantly a memorial newsletter to our good friend and colleague, Dr. Rev. Franco Maggiotto of Alpignano, Italy, who passed away December 20, 2006.

View or Download [pdf]

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