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Italy—How Can You Help

Make Donations to RCM's Italy Project  

For any of the ways you can help below, please send us an email or give us a call.   (772) 571-8030  [Contact us]

Provide us with contacts

We welcome information on those committed to the same Gospel from amongst Reformed, Presbyterian or Reformed Baptist Italians and would appreciate any contact information you might have, especially if you can include email, phone and mail addresses.

Send your Italian speaking contacts to our Italian website

As soon as we have our Italian language website launched, we will invite you to encourage them to visit it. 

Italian Translators Needed

We are in great need of people with a good knowledge of the Italian language and especially aware of theological terms in Italian, who can assist us in translating material from English (and other languages) into Italian.

Italian Editors and Proof-readers Needed

We need those who are able to carefully proof read materials in the Italian language both for readability, accuracy and also typographical errors.  In most cases, these will be translations from English into Italian.

Italian Language knowledge with website skills

We will be maintaining a fairly sizeable website in the Italian language over time and need those who can be reliably able to assist us in the content management of the website, which primarily involves uploading and linking approved content and policing the site to see that all things work properly.

Italian language ability and pastor skills

Our Italian language website, slated to open late 2008 or early 2009 will need some people able to easily correspond in Italian with those with inquiries from the website about all kinds of questions.  An intimate knowledge of the Italian culture is very important, and pastoral abilities.  Must be unabashedly reformed in their theological commitment. 

Italian language skills with ability to grade on-line Bible courses.

Our Good News Bible Study in Italian will be launched along with new website and will be available for the taking free on-line or by download.  We will need a group of people who are willing to assist us in grading the courses that come back in a timely manner.   It is possible that someone who is conversant but uncomfortable answering questions can oversee the grading and pass on the questions to someone with more ability in those areas.

Desk Top Publishing Skills with some familiarity with Italian language

Many publications in the Italian language are planned, most of which will need to be published using professional desktop publishing software such as InDesign, or possibly Microsoft Word.  If you have good skills in desktop publishing and wish to provide your assistance for a few or more books in the Italian (or any other language), please contact us.

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