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The Insignia

Reformation International Schools Insignia

The insignia for the Seminary and College is composed of the Word of God (represented by the open Scriptures) as the beginning and the end of all creation (represented by the Alpha and Omega).  This word from God not only created the world, but is central to the task of the Great Commission to preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15) to the end of making disciples from all the nations (Matthew 28:19).  The sword beneath illustrates that God’s word is the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17) which is quick and powerful (Hebrews 4:12).  The Alpha and Omega on both sides also represent the Lord Jesus Christ (the Word) whose birth, life and death as Immanuel (God with us) is not only the beginning and ending of true faith, but also of the world.  Reformation is founded upon these fundamentals and must start in the sovereign election of God both of men and nation (Israel and now the church).  It finds its life alone in the Gospel of grace and its power by the Holy Spirit through the word.  This is represented by the three solas of the Reformation placed on the Bible as their source and authority:  “Sola Scriptura” (by Scriptures alone), “Sola Gratia” (grace alone), and “Sola Fide” (faith alone).  This leads to the motto of the Reformation which is Semper Reformanda (always reforming).   Our Seminary has been given these truths to commit to others who shall be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2).  May God grant more men such as those of Geneva memorialized on the Reformation Wall, as seen behind and beneath this insignia symbolizing their submission to these same truths.

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