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Reformation International College (RIC) and Reformation International Theological Seminary (RITS) began in 1996 after attempts at establishing working relationships with other schools aimed at providing education specifically for those in off-campus and overseas settings proved untenable.  Working with students overseas or off-campus was considered too complicated and more importantly, unprofitable. 

Despite this obstacle, the vision of Reformation Christian Ministries (RCM) was clear:  A generation of people on the mission fields of the world, including North America and Europe, needed access to inexpensive college and seminary training. 

The true Gospel brings about an entire change of thinking which needs undergirding by an education aimed at applying that Gospel in the churches, occupations and institutions in each person's respective country and setting.  To this end, we needed to provide quality education comparable to, even better than, that found in a North American college or seminary campus program so as to prepare the next generation of preachers, teachers and other leaders who in turn would teach others (2 Timothy 2:2).  

To date, the predominant institutional approach is to bring students to a campus in North America and have them learn outside the setting of their own country or church.  This is clearly more efficient for the school, but this is not the way that the disciples learned.   We respect the contribution that centralized campus programs have provided over the centuries, and where a campus program is a viable option for a person living near such a campus or able to relocate to one, we find them very useful.  However, this does not come close to meeting the need for Christian leaders both in the church, much less the public and private sectors.  Furthermore, the vast majority of students cannot afford to be dislocated from jobs, family, church and culture.  Even those who find a way to the centralized campus very often do not find their ways back to their native country.   Those who do, often find reacclimation to their culture much more difficult and eventually leave.  None of this bodes well for the mandate to make disciples of their nations, which requires leaders to remain in and relevant to their own culture and country. 

Whether it be in the mission fields of the world, or in North America and Europe, we are committed to educating people in their local setting so that their education becomes immediately applicable to their situation.  Those within their circle of influence don't have to wait for three to six years to benefit from the education the student is receiving, because within days of their learning it, they will be using it in their culture, in their church and in their immediate setting. 

Another problem with a campus program is that over time they become focused more upon building and maintaining the huge expenditures necessary for a campus more than the beneficial outcome of a solidly Christian education for their students.  Not unlike the church growth movement in some way, education has become seeker-friendly and donor-friendly.  Too often education has become a business more than a service.  Thankfully, some schools have avoided this temptation, but increasingly, history has proved that schools moved in the direction of their donor base and student desires than that set forth by Scripture for sound education.  And thus such originally soundly established schools such as Harvard, Yale and later Princeton, once bastions of orthodoxy, became the rampant propogators of liberalism and every imaginable heresy and false doctrine under the sun.  This is not to say that all campus programs have done so, but they are precious few who have avoided this pit. 

It is easy for us to make comments like the above in that we are very young and idealistic.  However, we say this not only to distinguish ourselves from many others, but also as a warning to ourselves of the dangers that lay ahead of those committed to educational orthodoxy.  We believe our school is called of God to maintain its orthodoxy and yet also to provide education in a simple fashion aimed at true education and not just political correctness.  We would rather see ourselves closed, than to go on for reasons other than that for which God has called us.   God willing, this vision shall be sustained by His grace into the future.

Reformation International College (RIC) began in 1996 in partnership with Christ College of Lynchburg, Virginia (which has since closed and moved).  We initially were the distance learning facility for their campus program and offered a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Thought.  Over time, we began obtaining our own courses and developing some additional majors.  Most recently we have begun a Bachelor of Education program aimed at providing teacher training for teachers in our school in Suriname.  However, this program also offers opportunities for students in the United States who wish to obtain a degree that will enable them to sit for the Florida State Teacher's Examination.   

For more details about the College, go to the RIC page and download a catalog.

Reformation International Theological Seminary (RITS) also began in 1996 originating its own courses through the collaborative effort of a good number of qualified professors and centers its education around the Master of Divinity degree.  Bachelor versions and other master degree programs are now offered as well as a full-orbed doctoral program. 

For more details about the Seminary, click here to go to the RITS page and download a catalog

Both RIC and RITS are very competitive in price and thoroughly REFORMED in content with the aim of producing solid Christian thinkers and ministers.   We have aimed at keeping our costs as low as reasonably possible by keeping our overhead low, and aiming primarily at ministry instead of money.  We believe you will be able to tell the difference. 

For information on the RITS & RIC doctoral programs, click here.

SPECIAL NOTE:  There are some limited opportunities for on-location student work programs.  Please inquire with the school president to learn more. 

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