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Ways You Can Help in Albania & Kosovo

  • Assistance for "Reformation for Albania & Kosovo" website.

  • Albanian language readers, editors and translators, especially those knowledgeable in biblical and theological language.

  • Desktop publishers who can work in the Albanian language (not imperative to know the language), but should know Adobe's InDesign or other compatible professional desktop publishing software.

  • Albanian language graders for Good News Bible Study in Albanian language.

  • Small, low-cost radio station (estimated $5000) for Durrės area.

  • Books and literature necessary for the Albanians to develop a biblical and up-to-date world-and-life view.

  • Needed Full-time Personnel:  Educators from various backgrounds, especially theological, willing to teach periodically or full-time in Albania & Kosovo.  Language knowledge will be necessary or acquired though it is possible that teaching can be done through a translator for awhile.  Mission and other experience extremely useful.  Residence might be in Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Italy or Macedonia though outside of Albania or Kosovo, much travel will then be required. The work could extend even into Serbia and Montenegro. Emphasis would be on education, discipleship and literature production.

  • Periodic Teachers:  Educators with teaching and lecturing skills in various subjects that might be an attraction to the academics and educated classes in the countries. 

  • Serious donors to help maintain this work.


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