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The Work of Reformation Christian
Ministries (RCM) in Albania and Kosovo


The work of RCM in Albania (and now Kosovo) is primarily gospel-centered education and outreach primarily through translation, literature printing production, book sales, and an extensive website ministry including on-line education particularly with a view to spreading the faith, theology and world-life view of the Reformation.  Our objective is to be of assistance to all churches, Christians and missionaries in Albania and Kosovo as well as any Albanian language speakers in the world.  We are also seeking to assist in particular to assist in establishing and growing both Presbyterian and Reformed churches throughout the countries.  RCM itself is not doing church planting, but seeks to come along side of those local people who are committed to the true Gospel and the Reformation of Albania & Kosovo. 

With that in mind, we are working to develop a Albania language website (already name and -- means "Reformation"; and and -- means "Good News" or "Gospel").  We are working diligently now to bring numerous books and articles and confessional standards as well as Bible courses to both Albania & Kosovo through this website.  We expect also to reach deep into Italy as well since many Albanians fled to Italy after the country opened up in the early 1990s.

Completed translations - Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechisms, Questions & Answers About Christianity, Good News Bible Study Basic Course, among others. 

Good News Bible Study is now ready for desktop publishing, printing and distribution both in print and on our new Albania & Kosovo website


Long Term Mission Objectives

  • Call Albanian families back to God and His divine purpose of establishing covenant families and communities by providing teaching material and literature for family worship and discipleship.

  • Be a catalyst through Bible study groups, churches, resource libraries, and businesses for promoting and implementing biblical salvation and biblical worldview principles (pro-life, anti-pornography, creationism, free-market economy, etc.).

  • Offer the Good News Bible Study program and various levels of Christian education ranging from the young child through the college and seminary level student.

  • Develop basic Bible study and catechetical materials in the Albanian language for theological growth.

  • Establish a Christian college and seminary to promote the reformation of the country.


  • Rev. Patrick Dickens, his wife Susan and three covenant children: Joshua, Jessica and Josiah. Rev. Dickens worked previously in a church-planting ministry in West Africa and pastored a church in Texas. They served in Durrės, Albania from 1992-1995, but were forced to go on an extended emergency family leave due to the illness of Rev. Dicken's mother and father who have since deceased.  They are no longer able to return to Albania, but are living in Arkansas and continue to stay involved in the work in Albania in various ways.

  • Nardi Doka is our Albania Director and responsible for the local oversight of contacts, counseling and coordination with contacts throughout the two countries.  He is also our primary translator and will be increasingly responsible for the new Albanian website.  He is an elder in the only Presbyterian Church in Albania, recently established by another contact of Rev. Dicken's original time in the country.

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