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Albania & Kosovo Statistics & Maps

Albania & Kosovo Statistics

Albania maps

Kosovo maps

General area and historical maps

Maps courtesy of the Perry-Castańeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas Library.


Albania & Kosovo Statistics:

ALBANIA Statistics: 

Land area:  10,579 miles2
Coastline:  225 miles
Length of boundaries:  Greece 175 miles; former Yugoslavia 302 miles
Total population:  1990 estimate 3,273,131; 41% urban, 59% rural
Largest cities:    Tiranė 206,000; Durrės 72,000; Shkodėr 71,000; Elbasan 70,000; Vlorė 61,000; Korēė 57,000; Fier 37,000; Berat 37,000; Lushnjė 24,000; Kavajė 23,000
Length of road network:  337 miles
International airport:  Tiranė
Language:  Albanian, Greek; Principle Albanian dialects:  Tosk (official), spoken south of the Shkumbin River; Geg to the north.
Literacy:  75%
Religion:  Freedom of religion (formerly constitutionally atheist); 70% Islamic; 20% Albanian Orthodox; 10% Roman Catholic; 1% Protestant.
Climate:  Mild temperature; cool, cloudy, wet winters; hot, clear, dry summers.  Interior is cooler and wetter.


Albania Maps





Kosovo Maps

Kosovo Political Map 1998 - Click for enlargementFor full size picture of the Kosovo map, please click on picture for link to source.






General area & historical maps

Link to map showing the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire [1683-1923]  (649k) which also includes Albania & Kosovo.

Click here to view a pictoral time-line of Albania's history.

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