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History of Albania

Introduction: Who Are the Albanians?

This superbly written and extremely interesting article is taken from The Albanians:  An Ethnic History from Prehistoric Times to the Present written by Dr. Edwin E. Jacques.  It gives a very good overview of the Albanian people, many of whom are known to the world though often unknown as Albanians.  The book from which it is taken gives an excellent secular account of Albanians as a people and a nation and has become the definitive book on the nation.  It is also available in Shqipp, the Albanian language.

Early Christianity in Albania (55-1500s).

A very insightful and interesting booklet written by American missionary to Albania (1932-1940), Dr. Edwin E. Jacques in 1988.   Explains the important position that was held by Albania (Illyricum) for both good and evil, and particularly in the division of the church into Eastern and Western factions.

Protestantism in Albania (1824-1994).

A short article written by Dr. Edwin E. Jacques summarizing the introduction of the Protestant gospel into Albania beginning around 1824 up to 1994.

The Futherance and Afflictions of the Gospel (1935-1940).

This article explains the time of evangelism, blessing and intolerance in Albania during the years of 1935-1940, when Rev. Edwin E. Jacques was a missionary in that country prior to the coming of communism. 

A Tribute to Rev. and Mrs. Phineas B. Kennedy (1887-1963).

Rev. & Mrs. Phineas B. Kennedy were the early pioneer Presbyterian missionaries in the 19th century for the theology of the Reformation and also played an important role in Albania's freedom.  This tribute was written by Dr. Edwin E. Jacques, who came to Albania as a missionary to assist Kennedy towards the final years that mission work was allowed in the country prior to the communist takeover.  


RCM's History in Albania (1992-present)   

RCM’s work in Albania began in 1992 and represented the first permanent Reformed/Presbyterian ministry presence in the country since the early 1900's. Rev. and Mrs. Patrick Dickens began this beachhead following in the tradition of Dr. and Mrs. Phineas Kennedy (missionary to Albania in early 1900’s). The central thrust of their ministry in Albania was to present Christ - especially by word, but also by deed. Their objective was to call individuals, families and the people of Albania to Christ Jesus as Savior, Lord and King. In God's providence, due to the ill health of Patrick's parents, they were forced to practice what they had taught by leaving Albania in 1995 to look after their parents.   Rev. Dickens went back to Albania in September, 1997 at the invitation of the Doka's to marry them. 

By the time the Dickens had left, they had impacted quite significantly the lives of several local Albanians, one of whom continues working for Reformation and the spread of Reformation theology in Albania.  Another spent some years in the U.S. gaining seminary education after a short while of studying with RCM in the early days and is now establishing the first Presbyterian church in Albania. 





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