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Reformation Christian Ministries (RCM) operates under Reformation Christian Ministries Church, Inc. (see below for more information) under the oversight of The King’s Reformed Presbyterian Church and Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church with respect to all things ecclesiastical and theological.  It is administratively under a Board of Directors also composed of men from RCM in the U.S. from the overseeing churches and men from the Board of Reformation Christian Ministries Association (RCMA)  in Canada. RCM in the U.S.A. and RCMA in Canada cooperate on like-minded projects. Ecclesiastical authority for missionary ministers comes from their respective churches, not from RCM/RMCA. For a graphic organization of these relationships go to our organization chart.  


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As it now exists, Reformation Christian Ministries Church, Inc., was legally incorporated as a not-for-profit church corporation in the State of Florida in 1996.  Ecclesiastically, it was started as a daughter church of Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1996 (affiliated with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church) with the intent of both starting a church plant as well as continuing the mission ministry work of its predecessor.  Prior to then, it was part of a legal entity established in 1979 in the country of Suriname, South America, with the name Stichting: Caribbean Christian Ministries.  Its oversight from 1979 to 1995 was under the Church of Christian Liberty (an independent church in Arlington Heights, Illinois).   After moving to the U.S. in 1986, its operations began to be split between the ministry in Suriname (which continues under that name) and the new mission ministry developing in other countries.  In 1995 this division of labor between that in Suriname and that taking place elsewhere became more clear-cut as the U.S. based work outside of Suriname experimented with the names International/Caribbean Christian Ministries and later International Christian Ministries, but finally settled in 1994 on Reformation Christian Ministries.  The phrase "Church, Inc." was added at its incorporation at the strong suggestion of its attorney.  However, it also filed and received permission to operate under the registered "dba" (doing-business-as) name of Reformation Christian Ministries. 

During this transition period in 1995, the ministry oversight of the U.S. based ministry was taken over initially by Lauderhill Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Lauderhill, Florida (now disbanded) and later transferred to Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Hialeah, Florida, by whose authority and advice it was incorporated as a church corporation.  Once incorporated, the Stichting:  Caribbean Christian Ministries and Reformation Christian Ministries Church, Inc. came to an agreement whereby all of the U.S. assets of the former were transferred into the new church corporation.  

In 1996, several efforts were made at starting a church work in south Florida, but in 1998, it was decided that operations would be moved to a permanent location along the "Treasure Coast" of east central Florida in a rural area outside of Fellsmere.  Property was secured for housing and ministry operations and church services were initially held there, but later moved to a rented facility in Fellsmere.  A new "dba" was taken out under the name King's Reformed Presbyterian Church, as a way of distinguishing between the mission outreach side of the church and the ecclesiastical functions of the church.  After several attempts initially to be received by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination, the mother and sponsoring church (Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church) recommended that King's seek other affiliation, which was accomplished in 1997 with the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church.   At this time, the church side of the work operated apart from its mother church. 

The mission side of the work was formalized at this time with an agreement between King's Reformed Presbyterian Church and Sharon Orthodox Presbyterian Church to jointly oversee the on-going work of Reformation Christian Ministries (the mission ministry) and this has continued since 1997 with both churches providing elders to its board.   

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