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The purpose of Reformation Christian Ministries is Gospel-centered education and outreach aimed at Reformation.  Let us be clear that when we say Gospel-centered, we speak of the true biblical Gospel which is set forth in Scripture and rooted only in the works and obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ to which man can offer nothing nor do anything.  When we say that we are Gospel-centered, we mean that this true Gospel is the only building block for life in fellowship and communion with God.  As this is God's world, everything that man does in his body and with the resources of creation must be done for His glory.  As a result, out of this Gospel-centered foundation, there is a resultant culture which issues forth from within individuals who have been made anew by the Holy Spirit of God which has potential impact throughout an entire society, and in this global age, throughout the entire world.  As such, we see our work as an integral part of the Great Commission given by Christ to His church on earth, under whose authority and oversight we carry it out.  

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