Rev. Dr. Leonard J. Coppes

B.A., B.D., Th.M., Th.D.

Dr. Leonard CoppesDr. Coppes has extensive experience in theological schooling, writing and the pastorate. He served at two churches before currently serving at Providence OPC since 1987. Originally a baptist, he attended Bethel college and seminary (St. Paul, 1963) before obtaining his master of theology at Princeton in 1964.  His (rare) doctorate of theology at Westminster East (1968) was obtained under the old faculty of Van Til, Murray and E. J. Young.  His thesis was written under the oversight of E.J. Young. Dr. Coppes completed four years of advanced language studies at the same school as Young, Dropsie University.

This in-depth training helped him contribute to the translation of the New KJV, Nelson's Bible Dictionary and the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. Meeting modern issues with the truth of the Word as expressed in the Westminster Confession, Dr. Coppes has written dozens of books and pamphlets.  His most popular, Are Five Points Enough? The Ten Points of Calvinism, is still used in Sunday Schools across America and is being translated into Spanish for South America. Other popular books include: Daddy, May I Take Communion?, Who Will Lead Us?, Whatever Happened to Biblical Tongues? His Bible study series (through the books of Mark and Romans) was used by the RPCNA. Other works include a biblico-theological critiques of contrary positions from Dispensationalism to Klinianism and a positive presentation of Biblical Theology in From Adam to Adam: OT Biblical Theology II. 

As a committed churchman, he has served on OPC General Assembly committees, including the mid-80s work on paedocommunion.  His church work includes fifteen years on the OPC GA diaconate committee. At the presbytery level he has served on several committees over the years and as an assistant clerk for the Presbytery of the Dakotas.

He has four children and lives with his wife in Colorado.