Rev.  Geoffrey W. Donnan
& Mrs. Nancy Donnan

Fellsmere, Florida U.S.A.

Rev. Geoffrey Donnan, Reformation Christian MinistriesRev. Geoffrey Donnan is the founder of what is now called Reformation Christian Ministries.  It was originally begun in 1979 in Suriname, South America and was called Caribbean Christian Ministries.  At that time, the ministry was founded under the oversight of their home church and has always remained under church oversight since then.   He is married to Nancy Donnan in 1968 and has two living children, Kimarie Anne Card (nee Donnan) and Jason Donnan.   For more information on the history of the founding of RCM, click here.

In 1986, the Donnans moved to Pompano Beach, Florida, the family joining Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, in neighboring Ft. Lauderdale, where they became actively involved.   Through previous contact with Raul Montes, with the consent of his overseeing church, a local board of advisors was established.   In 1988, that became a board of directors for the ministry (then still known as Caribbean Christian Ministries).  From there, the board gradually grew until it was incorporated as a not-for-profit church in 1996 with the name Reformation Christian Ministries Church, Inc.  The ministry found that a clumsy name and eventually sought legal recognition by requesting a legal fictitious name of Reformation Christian Ministries.  

In 1998, RCM moved to Fellsmere, Florida, where it has built an office and second residence.  Rev. Donnan is the founding pastor and now co-pastor of King's Reformed Presbyterian Church in Palm Bay, Florida.

Rev. Donnan received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Kansas in 1966, received a Master of Religion from Whitefield Theological Seminary and later a Master of Divinity from Reformation International Theological Seminary.   He presently is the President and Executive Director of RCM and also serves on it Board of Directors. 

(Left) Rev. Geoff Donnan and his wife Nancy in Honduras at the wedding of Raul Montes, October 6, 2007.

Mrs. Donnan was received her elementary education through sixth grade in a one-room school house in Osceola, Michigan (now part of Calumet, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula not far from Copper Harbor and Houghton-Hancock).  This education became very useful to her as she began homeschooling their two children and later as she taught in the school in Suriname (at one time handling five high school level grades with 15 students covering more than twenty subjects).  After graduating from high school she worked as an assistant to a U.S. Congressman and also in the banking business.  All these skills became useful in her various roles in the growth of her husband's ministry, though her primary calling has been that of a mother and now grandmother.  She presently teaches piano to seven of her nine grandchildren along with her work at RCM primarily in the bookkeeping areas.