Mr. David L. Bahnsen

Board of Advisors

David Bahnsen serves on the RCM Board of Advisors especially as a financial, investment and planning/development advisor.    He has been known to RCM board members for many years.  Original contact was made with him by Rev. Donnan in 2003 on a personal family matter having to do with his mother's estate planning and trust.  After doing exhaustive references on him, and knowing some of his other Christian clients, we settled on using him for these personal matters. 

Through that contact and assistance given to other Donnan family members, he became acquainted with the ministry of RCM and has been offering his services to RCM to help us make better use of cash flow planning and maximizing interest for RCM's cash management.  He has been instrumental in assisting in regards to financial transactions with our overseas partners and has been involved in assisting RCM in these capacities since 2004.  He has been instrumental in assisting RCM with its future planning as relates to financial and asset management.  

(Picture below was taken January, 2007, during  visit by Mr. Bahnsen to the Donnans in Fellsmere, Florida.  David Bahnsen is in between Rev. & Mrs. Donnan.) 

David is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and works as a Senior Vice President in the Global Wealth Management Group of Morgan Stanley, a major Wall Street firm in the financial services industry.  He and his wife of nearly seven years (Joleen), reside in Newport Beach, California, with their three-year old son, Mitchell, and one-year old daughter, Sadie (as of 2008).

As a Christian, he has many Christian organizations amongst his clients, organizations with which RCM is familiar.  His heart is really in helping Christians make the best use of their financial resources for the glory of God.

Geoffrey and Nancy Donnan with David BahnsenDavid belongs to the Deans Advisory Board to the Business School of Concordia University in Irvine, CA, and serves as a Cooperating Board member with the Center for Cultural Leadership.  He is an active board member of the Lincoln Club of Orange County, where he serves on the Executive Committee, and chairs the Program Committee.  He serves as a member of the Blackstone Faculty of the Alliance Defense Fund.  He also is a contributing writer to, and investing partner in, Red County Magazine.

He and his family attend Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Newport Beach where he serves in a number of capacities, most notably in directing the Marketplace Ministries program.  He will be ordained as a Deacon in the church during the summer of 2008.

Hobbies include travel, fine dining, golfing, and sports.  His true passions in life include anything pertaining to USC football, the financial markets, politics, working towards a Christian culture, his vacation condo in the desert, and his lovely wife, Joleen and his two children.