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Rev. & Mrs. Asgar Hamid


Rev. & Mrs. Asgar Hamid and family (Abigail and Timothy). Rev. Hamid is a native of Guyana and migrated with his Muslim parents to Suriname when he was rather young. HisThe Asgar Hamid family of Suriname. parents converted to Christianity when he was adolescent. He embraced Christ himself during this time prior to coming to Christian Liberty Academy, but was in attendance at a Baptist church at the time. Over a period of time, he met his wife Nirmala Singh, at Christian Liberty Academy. She was also a native of Guyana whose parents had migrated to Suriname and also converted to Christianity from Hinduism. They married as Christians and now have two children.

After graduation, Asgar worked his way through the administrative and teaching ranks to the position of Administrator, assistant to the Headmaster. He teaches many of the high school courses and is very capable in this capacity.


As Administrator, he is responsible for the general Asgar Family home in Surinameoversight of the school, assists in the setting of policies and has general oversight over all personnel. He is in charge in the absence of the Headmaster. He has also been an integral part of the rebuilding of the school after the fire. His wife, Nirmala, has gradually assumed increasing responsibilities at the school as well, having worked in the library and now is responsible for the bookkeeping and other administrative oversight of the clerical staff.

They live in a house on the school compound, which means they live a very busy life in the thick of the daily activities. Church is also held at the school chapel.

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